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My New Years Fashion Resolutions

by VanityForbes
3 minutes read

Lockdown has taught me a lot about fashion and my relationship with clothes. So as we close out the year with another covid variant, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to commit to a few fashion resolutions for 2021. These resolutions will help map out my fashion journey for the new year, giving me a fresh perspective on where to take my style and shopping habits in 2022.

Buy fewer clothes.

Last year, my love of buying new clothes took a back seat, apart from a purchasing spree for a few tailoring pieces for formal evening events. I was reasonably kind to my bank account. One thing I struggle with is not having anything new in my wardrobe. I need to learn that newness is not the only measure of a fashionable wardrobe. I have enough clothes in my closet to create new outfit possibilities. All I need is a new mindset that doesn’t rely on searching for something I already have.

Say goodbye to leather.

I need to say goodbye to leather for good. Looking at my wardrobe, I have enough leather goods to satisfy my fashion cravings without the need to continue purchasing animal skin. However, I can’t continue feigning ignorance when I know the impact of supporting the leather industry. So, 2022 will be the year I welcome faux leather into my life.

Buy more vintage/secondhand.

There are so many clothes that have already been made to warrant buying something new from the high street. 2021 will see me trade the high street for the vintage shops in a bid to reduce the demand for manufacturing new clothes.

fashion resolutions

Reduce my love of fast fashion

I love fast fashion. So this resolution will be the hardest to implement. However, I have made significant improvements when comparing my shopping habits to last year. The problem is my inability to control my impulses when there is a sale or a new trend. I need to remember that buying fewer fast fashion garments and more quality clothes will save me money in the long run. 

fashion resolutions

Continue to get dressed every day.

One of the things I am most proud of is that my love of fashion never disappeared during the pandemic. Every day I put the effort to get dressed and explore my fashion sensibility. For 2022 I want to continue that commitment as it was one of the things that helped me stay sane.

fashion resolutions

What are some of your new year’s fashion resolutions for the new year?

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