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6 Features to Look for When Buying a Puffer Jacket

by VanityForbes
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After buying clothes, one of the worst emotions you can feel is regret. It could be frustrating to realise that the garment you bought is no longer fit for purpose. In my case, one of my biggest regrets was buying a puffer jacket without conducting proper research. At the time of purchase, I was excited to buy my first puffer jacket after years of enduring the cold with an overcoat. I had the opportunity to purchase an affordable, black, down-filled puffer jacket from H&M. What could go wrong? However, in hindsight, I realized that I needed a lot more features in my puffer jacket.

While the puffer jacket was filled with down and offered me warmth, it wasn’t waterproof, which I realised would come back to haunt me during the wettest winter in London. To help you make better puffer jacket choices, I have pooled together what I consider the best features you need in a puffer jacket of your dreams.


During winter, one of the challenges of wearing a puffer jacket is the possibility of rain. If your puffer jacket is not waterproof, the filling will get soaked. In extreme cases, the water will soak into your layers, but the most that will happen is that your jacket will become a lot heavier than when you left the house. If your jacket has real down feathers, it will take a very long time for the filling to become completely dry. When you are buying your next puffer jacket, ensure that it is water-resistant and repellent to ensure the down filling is protected. This way, you have both a rain jacket and a winter jacket in one.

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I often find it frustrating when I leave the house wearing too many layers due to poor weather judgement. On several occasions, I’ve opted for my puffer jacket instead of a lightweight one. Overdressing is something I dislike, so I make use of the cool straps found inside the lining of my puffer jacket that can transform it into a backpack. This way, I can carry it without feeling weighed down and move around freely.

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Not all coats necessarily need to have a hood, but when you are buying a puffer jacket, make sure it comes with one. Not only will it protect you from rain and keep you dry, but it will also offer warmth to your head and ears when the temperature drops too low.

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Experimenting with the texture of a puffer jacket is an easy way to elevate its style and make it a hero piece in your winter wardrobe. Shifting away from traditional polyester shells and updating to seasonal materials breathes new life into the classic padded coat, making it a stylish addition to your outerwear collection.

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When it comes to wearing a puffer jacket, it is important to consider warmth and comfort as the topmost factors. While the padding in the jacket provides optimal warmth, you need to ensure that the cold and draft is locked out of your body. To achieve this, your jacket should have an elasticated cuff to prevent the cold from getting inside. You should also ensure that there is a drawstring closure around the hood and bottom of the coat. This helps to seal in warmth when the temperature drops too low.

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I wish I had known about the different finishes available before buying my puffer jacket. When purchasing a polyester or polyamide puffer jacket, you have the option to choose between a glossy or matte finish. The glossy finish has a wet look to it, while the matte finish does not. These options can make a significant difference in elevating your whole outfit.

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Buying a puffer jacket is fine if you need something to keep you warm right away. However, taking some extra time to carefully consider the details and features of the coat will ensure that it remains a valuable addition to your wardrobe in the long run and improves your quality of life while wearing it. What features do you look for in a puffer jacket?

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