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Eveningwear 2020 According to Reiss

by VanityForbes
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The last month before year-end is when your wardrobe should peak. You have had all year to perfect your fashion and introduce new pieces and seasonal trends into your collection. December is when your style should reach its crescendo for you to display all you have learned.

One of the biggest lessons of the year has to be the unpredictability of fashion during the lockdown. For me, it’s learning to love and appreciate the clothes that I own. So my evening wear style will focus on the great occasion wear pieces that I have curated that is still in my wardrobe waiting to be worn. 

Whether you are reusing some of your previous year classics or thinking of buying something new, I have selected five eveningwear trends according to Reiss.


Make a statement with a bold seasonal print to give your look an edge. The large floral design is printed on a viscose base. Style with tailored trousers or a suit.

eveningwear according to Reiss - Printed shirt
Image Source: Reiss


Keep your look traditional with the help of the classic black dinner jacket. The blazer features satin peak lapels with a tailored fit. Finish the look with a white shirt, tuxedo trousers and a bow tie. Or turn tradition on its head by pairing the tuxedo jacket with a roll-neck and trouser separates.

Eveningwear according to Reiss - Dinner Jacket
Image Source: REiss


I will always admire a guy who dares to go against the grain and decides to wear a white suit, knowing all and well most of the guest will be wearing black. A white suit is like a breath of fresh air cutting through the sea of black suits.

Eveningwear according to Reiss - White Suit
Image Source: Reiss


Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to wear a new trouser fit. Flares are back and what better way to introduce them then into your eveningwear wardrobe. 

Eveningwear according to REiss - Flared tailored trousers
Image Source: Reiss


An eveningwear wardrobe is a celebration of texture. When you look closely at the pieces of a tuxedo, you will notice a collection of sheens and texture creating dimension in the look, from the satin Cumberland belt and lapels to the velvet blazers. One way to add subtle texture is by switching from a classic bowtie to a textured variation. 

Image Source: Reiss

What are some of your favourite eveningwear pieces from Reiss this season?

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