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The Best Stylish Slippers to Wear at Home

by VanityForbes
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Are slippers the new footwear trend we should be embracing? While I love wearing the most out of my shoes and sneakers, the amount of times I can go outside to wear them is becoming increasingly limited. The only places I see to go these days is my local park and the grocery store. Oh and that exciting time when I have to put the trash out.

The solution is simple. Instead of focusing on outdoor footwear, we should be focusing on how to add style and ingenuity into our indoor footwear. Move over Chelsea boots and make way for the trendy slipper.

Here are the best stylish slippers to wear at home.


One of the easiest ways to elevate your slipper collection is focusing on the fabric. Switching from a cotton or polyester style to suede to add the luxe factor to your slippers. 

Image Source: Zara


Wearing leather is one of my favourite trends for the winter season. I have just purchased a leather shirt and considering how I could pull off leather trousers. To ensure this trend lives on, how about giving your slippers a leather upgrade? To get the most of my wardrobe, I have been wearing a leather jacket indoors and leather slippers will help complete the look. 

Image Source: Cos


Nothing showcases your age like wearing cord slippers, but who am I to judge? Celebrate winter with the wealth of textures and fabrics at your disposal. 

stylish slippers from ARket
Image Source: Arket


Nothing says comfort quite like a fur-lined indoor mule. If you have wooden flooring, you will miss the comfort of walking on a soft carpet. 

stylish slippers from River Island
Image Source: River Island


Wearing fur is not the only way to keep you warm. A quilted puffer is not something you can only wear outside. It can be re-purposed in slipper-form to bring the warmth and comfort to your feet. 

stylish slippers from Arket
Image Source: Arket


Mules are not the only slipper silhouette you can wear indoors. Moccasins can be an outdoor and indoor shoe that will help elevate your loungewear aesthetic. 

stylish slippers from John LEwis
Image Source: John Lewis

What are some of your favourite stylish slippers you like to wear at home?

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