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The Best Loungewear Trends for Autumn Winter 2020

by VanityForbes
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Loungewear has defined how we get dressed during a pandemic as we continue to navigate the increasing amount of time we spend indoors. During the spring-summer season, we saw the rise in comfort and practical dressing with sweatshirts and joggers becoming the hero pieces of everyone’s wardrobe. As we move into the winter season, it’s time to relook at your sweats and give them a seasonal update to ensure you have new loungewear to carry you through to the end of the year.


Creating a practical inspired look has been one of my favourite trends, which has now found its way to loungewear. Sweatshirts, joggers and Bermudas are detailed with functional utility pockets to house your everyday essentials.

Image Source: Mango


For the ultimate lesson in comfort and luxury quality, ditch the cotton and move to cashmere. While on the pricey side, the investment ensures that you will never have to put the heating on again. Unlike your usual jersey fabric, you have to treat cashmere with a little respect. The last thing you want to do is end up ruining such a luxurious fabric. That means no washing machine.

Image Source: Reiss


Styling sweats is all about creating a monochromatic look head to toe. Now that we are in autumn-winter, you can move away from grey, black and navy and take advantage of the gorgeous seasonal colour palette.

Image Source: Mango


Loungewear doesn’t always have to be plain and understated. Adding bold prints and designs will help inject new energy into your loungewear collection.

Image Source: Bershka


Fabrics and textures are my favourite things about autumn-winter fashion. A quilting pattern will help transform a simple coloured jogger into a fashion statement.

loungewear trends from River Island
Image Source: River Island


Your loungewear shouldn’t always be figure-hugging. Embrace a more relaxed fit with the help of drop shoulders and bagger joggers. Oversized loungewear could be the indoor silhouette you never knew you needed.

loungewear trends from Topman
Image Source: Pull and Bear


You might already be turning into a teddy bear with all the lack of exercise being at home. To help you embody the look further, you can enlist the help of a pile hoodie.

loungewear trends from h&M
Image Source: H&M


One way to elevate your loungewear is with a velour upgrade. The sheen and texture will help update your boring tracksuit into a fashion-forward statement. 

loungewear trends from Weekday
Image Source: Weekday

What are some of your favourite loungewear trends of the season?

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