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Where to Buy High Quality Socks for Men

by VanityForbes
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Recently my socks have started to lose their elastane. You may not think that is a big deal, but when you wear cropped trousers, the last thing you want is your socks to slowly slip down your shins and end up bunched at the base of your shoes leaving your skin exposed. On my daily walks, you can catch me desperately trying to pull up my socks in a bid to keep my socks from misbehaving.

What is weird is that all my socks in my drawers have slowly started to lose their elastane. Thinking about it now, it has been more than two years since I have replaced my socks, but surely elastane lasts forever?

It could be my fault. Maybe I should have invested in better quality socks, but when you can get five pairs for under £5, it’s hard not to resist a bargain when you are queuing in H&M.

But it is time to turn over a new leaf. It’s time to forgo the cheap socks and put my money where my ankles are. I am saying goodbye to cheap socks and help to overpriced socks. Are you joining me?

Where can I buy the best quality socks?


Percival is known for its whimsical embroidery that can be found on their t-shirts, sweats and socks. If you love to wear cropped trousers, this brand is perfect for you. All you have to do is decide on what design to choose. Hot sauce or ramen? Prices start from £10

Image Source: Percival


Premium ribbed socks priced at £10. Made in Portugal in a combination of cotton, poly and elastane. Styles range from plain socks to block colour designs.


With a rich heritage and expertise in sock making, Ro to to is one of the largest producers of socks in Japan.


The beauty with buying socks from ASKET is that they provide you with a full end to end picture of the carbon footprint of all their products. They have two sock stylers, cotton and wool, boasting comfort and durability. Prices start from £16.

high quality socks Asket


Socks from Arket come in a wide range of sock styles all made in Turkey. From Supima to mercerised cotton. My favourite is the simple plain sock that comes in a wide range of colours. Prices start from £4.

high quality socks Arket


Socks from A Day in March are ribbed for comfort and fit. From classic rob socks to sporty variations, each sock is made in Portugal. Prices start from £8.

high quality socks A Day in March

Where do you buy your high quality socks from?

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