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5 Winter Hat Trends You Need in Your Wardrobe

by VanityForbes
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Dressing for the winter season can be challenging when it comes to your style. You need to find the right balance between wearing winter essentials to keep you warm and comfortable as the temperature drops, while also trying to look stylish.

While wearing a hat may seem like a practical choice, there are many stylish options available that can keep you warm and fashionable. This post will help you discover some of the best winter hat trends this season, from padded beanies to bucket hats. You will have a variety of trendy hats to choose from to help you create the perfect winter look.


One of the most thrilling trends for winter accessories this season is quilting. From mittens and scarves to slippers and now hats, the iconic puffer style is being reimagined into all areas of the accessories world, making these pieces a must-have addition to your winter wardrobe.

The classic beanie, which is already a winter must-have, is updated through a modern lens, helping your head keep warm in style.

Image Source: COS


During Autumn and Spring, a bucket hat is a popular accessory. However, with the introduction of pile fabric, it can now be worn as a winter accessory too. The sheep-like fabric is not only fashionable but also keeps your head warm and snug.

Image Source: COS


The trapper is the ultimate statement hat to help you keep warm during winter. The fur hat is characterised by long ear flaps, which can be tied up to the crown of the head. The flaps can also be tied at the base of the chin to keep the ear flaps secure.

winter hat trends
Image Source: Urban Outfitters


Nothing comes close to the beret when it comes to fashionable hats. Wearing a beret is a statement thanks to its military usage. This season, the beret comes in fabric such as felt and corduroy.

winter hat trends
Image Source: Urban Outfitters


A cap doesn’t usually offer any practical benefits during the winter; however, if you have one in a winter fabric, you can slightly benefit from the warmth of the material.

winter hat trends
Image Source: ARKET

What are some of your favourite hat trends this winter?

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