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The 5 Best New Arrivals to Buy From Cos This Week

by VanityForbes
4 minutes read

You can always count on COS to provide some of the most exciting and creative menswear ready to wear pieces on the high street. Here are some of my favourite new arrivals you can get your hands on before they go.

New arrivals from COS:


While it is essential to have timeless knitwear pieces, you also need to have the standout pieces that take your winter look further and help elevate your winter fashion. This jumper for COS fits that bill. A perfect from the front you are greeted with a clash of two colours, beige and camel with a clear divide in the middle. This colour combination conveniently stops at the neck. From the back, the colour story continues introducing a black colour block. 


What do Scots wear during winter? A quilted kilt, of course. Cos has taken the classic kilt and gone and taken the tradition and giving it an updated interpretation. The quilted kilt benefits from the warmth of padding secured by a push release belt in a light grey colourway.


Comfort is the primary focus now that countries are returning to another lockdown. Mark the occasion with a new pair of joggers. While sweats will be timeless, never going out of style, as the weather dips in temperature, it might not be the best material to keep your legs warm. This jogger from COS is made from merino wool and features the sheep life teddy fabric to provide the comfort and warmth and casualness you need. This jogger can also merge with your casual style and can take you from the couch to the streets.

new arrivals cos


Tailoring is a suit of armour for guys and instantly gives a sophisticated aesthetic. COS reimagines the classic blazer and simplifies the sharpness of the suit for a more subtle understated aesthetic. The classic double-breasted silhouette has a modern twist with hidden buttons offering a seamless look and feel.

new arrivals cos


One thing that is uncertain is whether we will be able to celebrate the new year. Either way, it helps to have a tuxedo shirt laying formant ready to add into your evening wear look. 

new arrivals cos

What are some of your favourite new arrivals from COS?

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