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5 Accessories From COS You Didn’t Know You Needed

by VanityForbes
4 minutes read

You can always rely on COS to introduce accessories you never knew you wanted. I Always enjoy browsing through their website. The accessories and ready-to-wear have such a unique point of view. From the design and construction, there is always a blend of function, form and texture with their collections. This allows COS to stand out from other high street brands.

For this season, COS have introduced practical yet fashionable accessories that will make you second guess why you have never added this accessory into your winter fashion before.

The best new accessories from COS


Reimagining the classic belt into a sleek, minimal accessory with a refresh on the traditional belt closure. Gone is the metal belt buckle, replaced with a modern three press button closure helping you adjust your waist in style.


While we all could do with an additional eating aid, this bib serves a slightly different function. The fashion bib is an ideal layering option for providing extra warmth around the neck area without the need of a roll neck jumper or hoodie.


Elevate your keyring with a long leather strap that neatly clips onto your belt loop. This keyring can be worn hanging or attached to a secondary loop. 

leather keyring accessories from COS


Up the warmth factor by trading in your cotton beanie for a padded upgrade. Now you can keep your head warm and stylish at the same time.

padded beanie accessories from COS


Mittens are not just for babies or skiers. Now that they are trending, you are licensed to wear them on your hands without fear of confusion or strange looks. Regardless of when you should wear mittens, what can not be denied is the warmth and comfort they provide your hands. 

mittens accessories from COS

What are some of your favourite accessories from COS this season?

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