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5 Things That Happen When You Stop Buying New Clothes

by VanityForbes
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My shopping habits have changed drastically. Before lockdown, I would happily spend a large chunk on my money on the latest seasonal trends with the occasional replacement of my wardrobe staples. I started off being very trend-obsessed, ensuring that my wardrobe and style reflected what was dictated to me by the editorials and campaigns of the season. 

After I shrugged off the pressure of buying into a trend, mostly. I gravitated towards buying higher-priced items in a bid to have clothes that last longer than a season in terms of classics but also more of an emphasis on quality. 

But with what has happened in the world during this pandemic. I have slowly started to reduce how much I spend on clothes. While I love wearing clothes and buying fashion, I have naturally landed in a place where I want to start wearing all the clothes that I have invested my time and energy in. 

Despite the fast fashion nature of my wardrobe, I have a passion for keeping clothes well maintained. This allows me to keep clothes from Burton, Topman that I purchased in the height of my youth – in excellent quality today. Yes, some clothes are slightly too small, but thankfully I have not changed my body type that much.

From clothes that I purchased ten years ago to more recent purchases. I want to start utilising my full collection and use 100% of my wardrobe. Moving to this way of thinking has so many benefits that I will share with you today.

Here are 5 things that happen when you stop buying clothes.

You save money.

When you become more aware of your expenditure and pay attention to your shopping habits, you will be amazed at how much money you were spending on clothes. For me, when I stopped buying clothes, I realised I had extra money to save helping me put towards other purchases outside fashion. In my younger days, I struggled to save money, yet my wardrobe kept growing. If only I had this financial savviness then, who knows what would have happened.

stop buying new clothes

You rediscover your wardrobe.

With a decline in clothes added into my wardrobe, I can now rediscover the clothing I haven’t worn in a long time. That means going through my storage under my bed, diving deep into the unused part of my wardrobe and forcing myself to utilise unworn clothing into my everyday style. 

You appreciate fashion

When you frequently buy new clothes, you become numb to the love you initially had with fashion. You take fashion for granted because it is readily available to you. One thing that lockdown has taught me is appreciation and gratitude for the things I own. Fashion was something that I always loved, but over time, that love slowly dwindled. When I used to work in luxury retail, you learn about the craftsmanship and effort put into each collection.

stop buying new clothes

Buying in the high street, you lose that connection as the clothes are made for mass consumption. However, there are still millions of people who work in fast fashion factories in a less ideal working situation who have spent their time and energy making your clothes. So that t-shirt from Topman, appreciate it. Thank the faceless person that made it possible for you to wear it.

When you utilise clothing that you haven’t worn in years, it forces you to rethink your style and aesthetic.

You use more of your wardrobe.

They say you only use 25% of your wardrobe. Not buying clothes will force you to use 100% of your wardrobe, which allows you to get your money’s worth finally. 

stop buying new clothes

Your style changes.

When you utilise clothing that you haven’t worn in years. It forces you to rethink your style and aesthetic. You might discover an old trend or print that was popular during a particular season and may not be popular now. The secret is to dictate what is trending according to the clothes you own. You are the person that decides what’s cool. When you have that power, it allows you to look at your style differently. That perspective gives you new energy to put looks together in a new way. Fusing archive pieces with more recent purchases creating an updated version of your style. 

Have you stopped buying clothes during the lockdown? If so, what are some of the sessions you have learned and changes that have happened?

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