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The Best Overcoat Styles to Wear During Autumn Winter

by VanityForbes
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Not all overcoats are the same. There are subtle differences in fit, silhouette, and detailing that make each style unique. These differences can be found in the collar, closure, and other features. When choosing an overcoat for the autumn-winter season, it’s important to consider what you want and what will fit your winter style. Whether you’re looking to update your collection or explore this category for the first time, this guide will help you choose the perfect overcoat for you.

What are the different types of overcoats that I can wear?

There is nothing more effortless than wearing an oversized slouchy overcoat. It looks even better when paired with a casual “just running out for some groceries with my tote bag” sweatpants outfit. The deconstructed and unlined version of this structured coat will be a popular outerwear choice during autumn and winter months.

Image Source: Wax London

An overcoat with an inverted lapel collar emphasizes the collar, which is considered the best part of the coat. In contrast, a traditional overcoat allows you to use the lapel to either fold it in place or pop your collar. The inverted lapel version assumes that you prefer to wear your overcoat with the collar up and there is no option to wear it any other way.

The Best Overcoats to Wear During Autumn Winter | Inverted lapel collar from Zara

The overcoat with a high collar provides a unique option due to its cut. This style features a single-breasted closure that is hidden under a concealed placket.

The Best Overcoats to Wear During Autumn Winter | High collar overcoat from Mango
Image Source: Mango

Some variations of the high collar overcoat have a zip closure instead of buttons. This style is ideal if you prefer to keep warm all the way up to your neck.

The Best Overcoats to Wear During Autumn Winter | High collar coat from Reserved
Image Source: Reserved

The funnel collar adds a fashionable twist to the high collar by being asymmetrical and having an offset closure.

The Best Overcoats to Wear During Autumn Winter  Asymmetric coat form Reserved
Image Source: Reserved

Nothing feels more sartorial than a double-breasted overcoat. This silhouette is more tailored to the single-breasted style. This fitted overcoat is perfect if you are looking for a coat that contours your body.

Image Source: Mango

The single-breasted overcoat is for you for a slightly less fitted and more a-lined silhouette. With just one set of buttons to work with, you still have all the exact details as a double-breasted overcoat; it’s just a matter of buttons and fit.

Image Source: Zara

The belted overcoat allows you to play with the coat’s silhouette by either tying it around the waist to create more shape or around the back to create a more tailored slimline profile.

Image Source: Zara

These are some of the many overcoat styles you can choose from when selecting your perfect wool/cashmere coat for the autumn-winter season. What is your favourite overcoat to wear?

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