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5 Ways to Style an Overcoat for Autumn Winter

by VanityForbes
3 minutes read

The overcoat is one of the many outwear silhouettes you can choose to carry you through the autumn-winter season. The sartorial style makes it an ideal choice to wear with a suit, but it can also be styled to fit into any casual look. 

Here are some of my favourite looks to style with an overcoat for the autumn-winter season. 

How do I style an overcoat?

The winter roll

The first way to style an overcoat is by pairing it with other winter essentials such as the roll neck jumper, chinos, and a Chelsea boot. This look is tried and tested and will help create a timeless winter look without worrying about whether each element goes well together. 

Colour is critical when putting this look together. You can go with a monochromatic colour scheme or decide to pair complementary colours together. 

Mango overcoat styled with a grey roll neck.
Image Source: Mango

The hoody approach

When it comes to layering, nothing works as well as wearing a hoodie under an overcoat. The tailored coat compliments the casual sweat to create a marriage of smart and casual. 

Image Source: Mango

The complete sweat

Take the casual look further by switching the trousers out for matching sweatpants to create the ultimate relaxed weekend look. Sometimes a full sweat look is all you need to wear during the weekend, and what better way to elevate the look by throwing on an overcoat?

Ways to wear an overcoat
Image Source: Zara

The colour code

One of my favourite ways of wearing an overcoat is by matching the colour of the coat to my trousers. This technique creates a colour sandwich if you choose to wear a clashing colour for your top.

This style can work with any colour combination, black, navy and grey all work. For a monochromatic look, carry the colour scheme to the top.

Ways to wear an overcoat
Image Source: Zara

The suit story

A sartorial tailoring look is complete without a structured tailored overcoat. Instead of going down the monochromatic route, choose a contrasting colour.

Ways to wear an overcoat
Image Source: Moss London

These are some of my favourite ways to wear an overcoat during autumn-winter. What are some of your styling go-to’s when wearing this winter staple?

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