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How to wear a Flannel Shirt During Autumn Winter

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There are many timeless winters ready to wear pieces that will always be a part of an essential winter wardrobe. One of those classics is the flannel shirt. The check shirt is made from soft cotton that has a supple hand feel and comes in an array of check patterns. Each colour combination ensures that the iconic wardrobe essential feels new every season. 

How to wear a flannel shirt using colour?

One of the easiest ways to wear flannel is paying attention to the colour scheme that is visible in the flannel design. 

The classic red flannel, as an example, is made up of a mixture of black and red. With this flannel option, you have a choice of two colours to match. As we are in the winter season, I doubt you want to be wearing a full red look, so black is your obvious go-to colour. 

That’s where you can whip out your favourite black denim. Wear your flannel by itself or layer it open with a top underneath.

Image Source: All Saints

For a lighter check colour like yellow or brown, the same rule applies. Instead of focusing on the yellow, you can concentrate on white and thread the colour throughout your look. This way, the shirt is incorporated into the look, but the yellow colour can still stand alone. 

Image Source: H&M

Alternatively focusing the brown/yellow colourway allows you to weave in more autumn tones into your look with the help of a roll neck.

How to style / wear flannel
Image Source: Uniqlo

Or you can go monochromatic and match the tone of the flannel to your whole look from head to toe.

How to style / wear flannel
Image Source: Reiss

How do I style flannel?

When it comes to styling, there are many ways you can utilise the autumn shirt to help create the perfect look you need. Flannel works well when used to layer over your winter knitwear.

How to style / wear flannel
Image Source: Zara

Another winter layering technique is layering a flannel overshirt over a hoodie. This way, you are still layering but making the flannel the hero piece of the look.

How to style / wear flannel
Image Source: Zara

What are some of your favourite ways of wearing flannel?

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