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Men’s Utility Belt – Trending Now

by VanityForbes
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The utility belt is trending, forcing you to rethink your relationship with the functional accessories. Belts have always been a practical choice when added to an outfit. Used to either help make a slightly larger waist size fit yours or to take a look somewhat formal. If you have perfectly fitting trousers, there is no need to wear a belt unless it is for style purposes.

This season it is time to make belts more of a fashion accessory. Your waistband can be used to help elevate or curate your style, and the belt you choose and the buckle style can help push your look to new heights.

What is a utility belt?

A men’s utility belt is a traditional webbed belt that has a functional utility buckle nodding to the popular utility trend. There are multiple styles of buckles to choose from, but each of them will give your waistband a distinctive aesthetic.


The rollercoaster belt buckle has been made famous by the Saddlebag from Dior and Alyx’s range of accessories. 

Image Source: Boohoo Man


This belt style can be made from acetate or stainless steel. You release the buckle by pressing your thumb and finger at the side to remove the belt. 

Image Source: Weekday

How to wear/style a push release belt?

Wear the utility belt with your favourite tailored trousers or relaxed denim and make sure your top is tucked to show off the buckle.

Image Source: Urban Outfitters

Here are the best utility belts you can get your hands on.

DIESEL – Logo belt in technical tape – £80

BERSHKA – Jacquard belt – £9.99

Mens utility belt from Bershka


Mens utility belt from Zolando

BERSHKA – Slogan belt – £9.99

Mens utility belt from Bershka

HUGO BOSS – Webbing belt with logo print and clip buckle – £89

Mens utility belt from Hugo Boss

What do you think of the men’s utility belt trend?

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