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The Best Sweatshirts to Buy From Mango This Season

by VanityForbes
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The sweatshirt has become the hero piece of the last couple of months due to the rise of loungewear with everyone spending more time at home while living through a pandemic. 

The sweatshirt embodies the casual laidback style when paired with sweatpants but can easily be worn with jeans if you feel like graduating from jogging bottoms then denim is your best friend.

What are the best sweatshirts to buy from mango?

Kangaroo plush sweatshirt – £25.99

The more and more I think about it, a white hoodie is an ultimate sweatshirt. The colour is a fresh of breath air and an unexpected colour choice when thinking about lounging around the house. The optic colour can blend seamlessly with any trousers you decide to wear and when you need to go for your daily walk or run errands, simply pair it with a camel overcoat to create a stylish winter look.

100% Cordura® cotton sweatshirt – £59.99

I have a few slogan sweatshirts, and I love the variety it offers me with my sweatshirt collection. This season the slogan of choice is Improved. I am not sure what has improved In my life, but with the help of this sweat, it can inspire you to improve something in your life. It has that power. 

The material of the sweatshirt is crease and water-resistant, and the message is printed in a darker colourway.

A sweatshirt can be worn on lazy days around the house or styled with denim for an off duty weekend look.

Message cotton sweatshirt – £35.99

A grey sweatshirt should not be a stranger to your wardrobe. Why not give it an update with a seasonal motif. I am not sure what this motive says or means, but who cares. It looks good. What I like about this sweatshirt is the raglan sleeve cut. This allows your bulky shoulders to have more space to move around—style with your favourite denim.

Message plush sweatshirt – £35.99

Working from home has transformed my approach to work. While I still take pride in my work, I have prioritised my mental health, ensuring that I don’t overwork and let my job take over my home life. Sometimes your manager or colleague may need a reminder of this grear change, and this sweatshirt will help you do that.

While you are at work, you are part of the out of office club—a reminder to everyone on Teams that you would rather be OOO.

Wool-blend kangaroo pocket hoodie – £69.99

A hoodie doesn’t palsy have to be in a sweat material as we are in the fall season experiment with fabric to maximise your comfort. Going down a wool-mix composition gives you much-needed warmth and allows you to play with texture in your look. 

What are some of your favourite sweatshirts from Mango this season?

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