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The Most Stylish Outdoor Waterproof Shoes for Men

by VanityForbes

Dressing for outdoors doesn’t always have to be functional. It can also have a thread of fashion woven into your look to create a practical and stylish outfit. Waterproof shoes always look like they are made for trekking and often leave out the fashion element. Don’t get me wrong you are traversing the great outdoors, not a catwalk, but there must be good looking waterproof shoes that allow you to have the best of both worlds.

This season, the weather has taken an ugly turn in the UK and has become wet and miserable. When I was packing for my weekend away in Rye, I knew that I had to look for waterproof shoes to help me traverse the muddy and waterlogged countryside. I set myself a task to find a stylish yet comfortable shoe to not only keep me dry and comfortable doing so but also help me look good in the process.

What should I look for in waterproof footwear?

Like any waterproof gear, you want to ensure that all the elements of the shoe are waterproof to prevent water from coming into your shoe. Check if the seams are sealed, and there is a waterproof technology used in the construction of the fabric.

What style of waterproof footwear should I choose?

I like the idea of wearing waterproof shoes that doesn’t scream “I am a waterproof”. You can find great brands for men that have sneaker/ boot style with a focus on fashion as well as practicality. Other types include an ankle or mid-length boot. 

Where can I buy the most stylish waterproof shoes for men?

Skandi – Mens Waterproof Boots – £125

The boots have a rip stock nylon and PU blend constructed with waterproof padding. D-ring eyelets and crisscross stitching are just a few of the key details in the waterproof boots. Microwobbleboard technology is used in the construction of the sole.

Waterproof sneakers are great options when thinking about outdoor footwear. They are already familiar and give you a modern yet casual style aesthetic when creating your outdoor look.

Columbia – Men’s Facet 45 OutDry Shoe – £145

A running-inspired outdoor trekking sneaker with OutDry technology, ensuring a breathable waterproof performance.

Columbia – Men’s SH/FT OutDry™ Mid Shoe – £135

These sneakers are also made with Outdry waterproof tech and have a sock-style fit. 

waterproof shoes for men from Columbia | VanityForbes


These mid hiking boots from timberland are made from a waterproof membrane called TimberDry. The seams are also seam-sealed for ultimate protection against the elements. 

waterproof shoes for men from Timberland | VanityForbes

They also come in a sneaker silhouette with only the forefoot being waterproof.

waterproof shoes for men from Timberland | VanityForbes


A bold and stylish boot with waterproof leather/nylon fabrication with fully sealed seams. 

waterproof shoes for men from Sorel | VanityForbes

What are some of your favourite waterproof shoes for men?

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