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The Most Popular Crossbody Bag Trends for AW20

by VanityForbes
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The crossbody bag has become a permanent staple in my bag collection. Lockdown has transformed how I get dressed and has informed what pieces I now wear on a daily basis. I had a realisation during a chat with a friend that I rarely wear large bags now that I don’t commute to work every day. 

Before COVID-19, I would regularly switch between a backpack and a briefcase and sometimes a tote bag. I would be carrying my lunch, a notepad, fruit and maybe my laptop. With working from home a new standard and travel being unpredictable, the bags that would get regular use are now being made redundant.

While larger bags are down-trending, small crossbody bags are increasing in popularity as we now have fewer things to carry. As the fashion world transitions into the autumn-winter, there are exciting and new interpretations of the crossbody bag injecting new energy into the bag category.

If you are ready to give your crossbody bag a seasonal update, then you have come to the right place. Here are my favourite crossbody bag trends.

The Tubular bag.

The tubular-shaped crossbody bag takes inspiration from the Dior roller bag. While regular crossbody bags come in traditional square-like shapes, the tube shape adds a new dimension into the mix. 

The Trunk Crossbody bag.

Taking inspiration from Dior again comes the trunk crossbody bag, which takes the collaboration between Dior and Romowa, creating an affordable alternative for fashion lovers on a budget. Travel suitcases inspire the trunk with a hardshell exterior and diagonal pattern detail.

The multi-pocket crossbody bag.

The crossbody bag has moved on from having one main pocket to feature multiple pockets or in some cases a collection of smaller bag attachments. This style will help you segment your daily essentials.

crossbody bag trends

The chest bag.

The chest bag is a worthy alternative to the crossbody bag. The functional design offers a unique bag wearing experience to increase your style credibility. The bag can be worn over the chest with multiple straps helping secure the bag in place.

crossbody bag trends

The phone bag.

The phone bag has become a fast-growing trend allowing you to carry your mobile in style freeing up your pockets. Wear over the neck or styled over one shoulder and comes in a myriad of fabrications and designs.

crossbody bag trends

What are some of your favourite crossbody bag trends this season?

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