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How to Keep Warm In Winter While Looking Fashionable

by VanityForbes
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While I love everything about winter fashion, I despise being cold. The winter season has some of the best ready to wear icons—the overcoat, the roll neck sweater, with my favourite textures like corduroy, wool and cashmere. The unique challenge during the winter months is being able to construct a look that both celebrates your fashion sensibility while being practical. 

This paradox can birth many missteps such as being warm yet lacking your usual stylistic approach or looking stylish whilst lacking the winter essentials to keep you warm. There are many times when I have left my house looking like a tourist experiencing their first winter in London. 

If you are tired of being a winter fashion failure and are ready to master the art of staying warm and fashionable, then you have come to the right place. Here are my tips on how to keep warm during winter without sacrificing your style. 

What’s the best fabric to keep warm?

Before the start of the winter season, I make sure I have the necessary winter fabrics to navigate the season. A winter wardrobe is not complete without cashmere and wool.

I love to have a cashmere/wool blend coat as well as knitwear for trousers also in wool or corduroy fabric.

Should I invest in a down Jacket/gilet?

I cannot stress enough my love for down. Although as a vegan, I seriously need to rethink my obsession with dead animals feathers placed into a coat to keep me warm. For now, I turn a blind eye and continue my admiration for down. 

A down puffer jacket with the right balance of feathers and down will keep you warm without ever having to appropriately dress like it is really winter. Last season I wore t-shirts under my down jacket because of how warm it was.

If you don’t like the bulkiness of a down jacket. Consider a lightweight down that can layer under an overcoat or a gilet. I love slipping a light jacket under my camel overcoat getting the best of both worlds.

What’s the best way to layer for winter?

Winter is all about the art of layering. Layering allows you to control your temperature by simple adding or removing the layer. There are plenty of layering items to choose, from a hoodie to a gilet, to a cardigan. My favourite is definitely the hoodie, nothing beets outerwear with a hood peaking over the neck.

keep warm winter

To make layering fashionable, experiment with the colour combinations, styling complementary or contrasting colours together. You can also mix style attitudes playing with the worlds of casual and smart. Pieces such as a hoodie look best when styled with an overcoat, or a cardigan coat is worn under a puffer.

Should I wear gloves?

Hands are always the neglected part of the body when it comes to dressing for winter. Gloves are ugly and don’t really compliment an outfit, but I can appreciate the need to have them. I hate bulky gloves, so I opt for a slim leather pair with elevated details.

keep warm winter

What about my socks?

If you wear a lot of cropped trousers, having a warm pair of socks will help you take your cropped obsession into the colder months. Ensure that your socks are thick but not too thick and make sure you experiment with your colour and texture for a playful feel.

keep warm winter

Do I need to wear a scarf to keep warm?

I love wearing a scarf. Scarves provide your neck with an extra layer of warmth that some coats will not cover. The cut of an overcoat is an example of leaving the neck area exposed to the elements. 

To make a scarf fashionable, experiment with the texture and styling techniques. You can keep it simple with a cashmere or wool scarf or experiment with a puffer scarf. When it comes to styling, try a different technique to what you are used to doing to help inject newness into your winter look. 

keep warm winter

What are your favourite stylish tips on staying warm during the winter?

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