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Waterproof Jackets for Men | Trending Now

by VanityForbes
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Dressing for the rain is never fun. Not only are you tasked with finding clothes that will keep you dry. You have to attempt somehow to make your outfit showcase your fashion sensibility. Not an easy feat.

Function and fashion is a combination that I always struggle to execute well. Functional wardrobe pieces are sometimes designed for technicality with the style factor omitted, which makes it hard to find rainwear that will compliment your style. 

Luckily there are styles out there that work with both these end goals in mind. One of the essential clothing items that you need to keep you dry is a waterproof jacket, and what better jacket is there to protect you from the rain than a technical raincoat.

This season the water-resistant jacket should be the top of your priority as the weather starts to become unpredictable. 

Here are some of my favourite waterproof jackets for men.

RAINS – Short Hooded Coat – £89.99

No one does rainwear clothing quite as good as RAINS. The clue is in their name. The short hooded coat is made from waterproof matte PU and features the signature RAINS built-in cap. Other details include armhole ventilation and large utilitarian pockets. 

waterproof jacket men RAINS

UNIQLOMen blocktech parka – £59.90

If you are going to do battle with the elements you may need help from Uniqlo’s BLOCKTECH which features a water-repellent coating to protect you from rain and moisture. The parka comes in an array of colour palettes.

waterproof jacket men

MANGO – Water-repellent hooded jacket – £7.99

With the help of this water-repellant fabric, you are well equipped to handle a slight downpour. For ease of comfort and practicality, the material also boasts bi-stretch qualities.

waterproof jacket men


Your waterproof outerwear collection will never be complete without the iconic Barbour jacket. This investment piece is worth the splurge, providing you with a timeless coat that will live many lives in your wardrobe.

STUTTERHEIM – Stockholm – £185

A clean-cut raincoat design with a generous hood size made from their unique 530gsm rubberised cotton with thermally welded seams. Perfect for protecting you from the wind and rain.

SUPERDRY – Hydrotech Waterproof Parka Coat – £149.99

The Hydrotech parka from Superdry keeps you warm and dry with the help of the fully taped seams and a waterproof rating of >10,000/mm.


You can always rely on North Face for their outerwear. This waterproof jacket provides an impenetrable moisture barrier along with breathability and quick drying.

What are some of your go-to waterproof jackets for men?

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