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Where to Buy a Cheap Men’s Cashmere Scarf

by VanityForbes
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If you want to keep warm this winter, the only fabric that is acceptable to invest in is cashmere. The fibre is derived from cashmere goats and prized for its warming qualities. Fun fact. Cashmere is almost four times warmer than wool. Armed with that knowledge, you would think everyone would have their winter wardrobe decked out in all cashmere. The problem is that a cashmere scarf is not cheap and you can imagine why. Who has the time to be chasing cashmere goats in mountainous regions? 

Hope is not lost; some high street brands have an affordable collection to satisfy your needs. This way, you can keep warm without burning a hole through your pocket.

Here are the most affordable cashmere scarves for men.



This cashmere blend scarf from COS is sourced from recycled cashmere to help reduce waste.

Mens cashmere scarves from COS


100% cashmere scarf – £39.90

This scarf is 100% cashmere and has tassel edges. 

Mens cashmere scarves from Uniqlo

Colour plays a key part when styling a cashmere scarf. You can either complement or contrast the colour of your outerwear.


100% Cashmere scarf – £149

A classic cashmere scarf from Massimo Dutti scarf with ribbed edges. Available in two colourways.

Mens cashmere scarves


Woven Cashmere Scarf – £59

A monochrome pure cashmere scarf detailed with tassel edges available in four colourways. 

Affordable cashmere doesn’t always have to be low in quality. They will still offer you the warmth that you need during the colder months.


Cashmere Scarf – Grey – £79.95

Spun and woven in Scotland, which is home to the best cashmere mills. 


Tartan Cashmere Scarf – £119

If you want the best sources and woven cashmere, then Johnstons of Elgin should be your only choice. The Cashmere is sourced from Mongolia and China, and the fibres are teased to ensure ultimate softness. 

cheap cashmere scarf


Cashmere Blend Scarf – £150 

Made in the UK, this Mulberry scarf blends with superfine merino wool with cashmere in a classic check design.

Men's cashmere scarves Mulberry


Solid cashmere scarf – £110

A classic cashmere scarf with fringing. This scarf comes in traditional colourways.


Barbour Merino Cashmere Tartan Scarf – £39.95

The classic Barbour tartan scarf in a wool and cashmere blend.

What are some of your favourite cheap cashmere scarves for men?

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