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What to Wear During a Wet Summer

by VanityForbes
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Summer 2020 in London will go down as one of the most unpredictable seasons in a long while. The weather has been a mixture of sun and rain with a touch of wind, making it almost impossible to string a proper outfit together. 

The fashion challenge I am facing right now is figuring out how to navigate this weather change, with the right outfit choices while remaining stylish, all while battling all the elements in one day.

To help solve this unique summer wardrobe challenge, I have outlined some of the best clothing pieces that will help you dress for a wet summer.


Wearing shorts in the rain during summer is a smart and practical choice. You will have less fabric to get wet and cling to your body while still benefiting from the warm temperature. 


A light waterproof will help you fight off the rain without having to worry about being too hot. When you are finished with the jacket, you can easily pack it away in your back, or tie it around your waist. 


The bucket hat is the ideal wet summer accessory to wear. In the right waterproof fabric, the bucket hat can protect you from the glare of the sun and also the downpour of the rain. 

wet summer


Sandals are no stranger to a summer wardrobe and also help you traverse a rainy day. From gladiator sandals to Birkenstocks, having your feet in the open will help them ventilate and also dry off after the downpour has stopped. 


Let’s not forget about using an umbrella. While they are a hassle to carry, having an umbrella means you can wear almost whatever like and have the umbrella protect you from the rain.

wet summer

What are some of your go-to wet summer looks?

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