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The Men’s Cropped Trousers Buying Guide

by VanityForbes

I can’t tell you the last time my trouser hem hit the top of my shoes. That is because I am obsessed with wearing cropped trousers. Whether they are pre-cropped or rolled up, you will never see me without some part of my socks on show. 


Wearing cropped trousers increases the styling possibilities compared to regular pants. With just a simple reduction of length, I am now free to experiment with different sock combinations, matching the colour of my socks to my trousers or footwear. 


When it comes to buying men’s cropped trousers, I decide if I want to purchase a pre-cropped style or if I want to do it myself.



Pre-cropped trousers will save you a lot of hassle, and you can start wearing them straight away. Your favourite high street brand will always do a silhouette every season to make sure you are on the lookout. 


If you want to have more control over how short the crop is, while also having more variety, I would recommend utilising a tailor. This way you can buy any trouser style you like and get the hem shortened to your desired length.



Like all trends, cropped trousers will not be here forever. However, I have ignored the temporary trend label of cropped pants and have made it a wardrobe staple, but this trouser length may not be a permanent fixture for everyone. One way to overcome this is to turn up your trousers to create a cropped look. This way, when you are over the cropped look, your pants can go back to their regular length.



There are many variations of cropped trousers. My go-to will always be tailored trousers, preferably with a crease. This style can blend into streetwear and tailored look. 


For a causal flair cropped, joggers are for you. Make sure the hem is not elasticated.


If joggers are not your style, denim is a great alternative. My favourite denim cropping is a raw frayed edge hem. If you want a cleaner finish, you can opt for the original hem finish or roll up the hem.


If you are ready to jump ankle-deep into this trouser trend, then you have come to the right place. Here are my favourite men’s cropped trousers that you can buy.




Seersucker suit trousers £29.99



Pleated Chambray Trousers – £154.95



Cropped textured trousers

mens cropped trousers


Slim fit tailored smart trousers – £65

mens cropped trousers



Tapered smart trousers – £35

mens cropped trousers



Trousers with turn up – £25.99

mens cropped trousers


Cropped slim leg trouser – £79

mens cropped trousers



Slim trousers – £108


What are some of your favourite cropped trousers?

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