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The Best Affordable, High-Quality White T-Shirts for Men

by VanityForbes
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The white t-shirt can live many great lives in your wardrobe. With endless versatility and style possibilities, this wardrobe staple should be the ultimate go-to option when building a look. Unfortunately, not all white t-shirts are made the same. With something so frequently worn as a white t-shirt, we tend to gravitate towards the cheaper alternative favouring quantity over quality. With H&M, Primark and boohoo offering a t-shirt for under £5 you have no choice but to buy several styles to bulk out your t-shirt collection.

Like with any purchase where the price tag is too good to be true, you have to ask yourself what you are trading the price for? Yes, my H&M t-shirts are still wearable, but they are falling apart.

My shopping mindset has shifted from cheap to sustainable to quality over quantity. With the hope that buying a basic tee with a slightly higher price point. I am investing in garments with longevity. I am tired of having to replace cheap purchases with more cheap purchases. Imagine how tired I am! If you are ready to take a leap from cheap to a high-quality white t-shirt, then you have come to the right place. Here are the best affordable, high-quality white t-shirts for men.

REISS – regular fit crew-neck t-shirt – £25

100% cotton, yarn dye.

MANGO – Essential cotton-blend T-shirt – £12.99

100% cotton.

ARKET – Midweight T-Shirt – £15

Long staple cotton, 170 GSM.

COS – Round neck t-shirt – £15

100% cotton.

SCOTCH AND SODA – Cotton T-Shirt – £34.95

100% cotton.

quality white t shirts

OLIVE CLOTHING – Short Sleeve Tee, White – £32

Organic Cotton

quality white t shirts

MASSIMO DUTTI – cotton short sleeve t-shirt – £14.95

100% Cotton

quality white t shirts

What are some of your favourite high-quality white t-shirts?

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