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The Best Men’s Socks to Have in Your Wardrobe

by VanityForbes
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While I am all for perfecting the ideal ready to wear wardrobe, one thing that you cannot forget is your sock collection. You may think that socks are something you shouldn’t spend your energy on, but they are a crucial way of enhancing your outfit. 


If like me you wear a lot of cropped trousers. Socks are something that can be used as an extension of your look. Socks can also be a style indicator, showing that you care about every detail of your outfit. 


If you are ready to update your sock collection, you have come to the right place. Here are the best men’s socks to have in your wardrobe. 



White socks have the power to give a clean separation of colour and add effortless streetwear energy to your outfit. The best thing to do with white socks is to pair them with white trainers. This combo can be used in a casual or formal look. Imagine wearing a suit with white socks and chunky sneakers. 



Similar to white socks, these striped variations add a casual flair to your look while adding a sporty edge. What I like to do is match my sock colour to my trouser colour. For example, teaming khaki trouser with khaki socks. Having a white double stripe on the socks add a playful touch to the look and breaks up the colour in a fun way.



If you want to create a no sock look. Invisible socks are your way to go. Some people tend to prefer trainer socks, but they are not on the same level. I can’t fathom why you would need to wear half a sock when you have invisible socks that do the job better. 

best mens socks

One thing you should know is that not all invisible socks are made the same. This is where a bit of trial and error comes into play. I have been wearing invisible socks for years, like many of us. Sadly there has not been one set that I have bought that has managed to stay attached to my feet at the end of the day. No brand has successfully been able to make a pair that magically sticks to the back of my foot. 


These socks are a pain but are a necessity. You don’t want a sockless look without wearing socks. No one deserves to smell that combination. 



Blacks socks are a no brainer, but the reason why they are on the list is more focused on how frequently they should be replaced. According to Tom Ford, socks should be replaced every six months. If like me you wear a lot of black, as you don’t wash your clothes as often as your socks, they will be a colour imbalance, and everyone can spot faded black socks.

best mens socks


The last men’s socks that you should have in your wardrobe are coloured socks. Always have navy and black and white socks to hand. To know what other colours you need simply match them to the colour of your trouser. Alternatively, you can colour match to your footwear, accessories as long as the colour story makes sense. 

best mens socks

If you wear socks with intention, they can really bring your look together and elevate your style. What are some of your best socks to have in your wardrobe?

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