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The Best Men’s Shorts to Wear for Summer

by VanityForbes

I have never been a massive fan of wearing shorts during summertime. While I understand the practical benefits of getting your legs out, I have always preferred to wear lightweight trousers as I find it gives me better styling opportunities.


This even extends to holidays to warm countries. While other people would immediately pack shorts, I would always go for a linen relaxed trouser. While trousers will always be my number one preference, I can’t deny that in some cases, shorts are the only thing you can wear without sweating one out.


You may think that wearing shorts is a simple affair, but like everything fashion relating, there is a practical way of wearing it and a stylish way. If you want to know how to take your shorts into the contemporary realm, then look no further. Here is the ultimate guide for the best men’s shorts to wear during the summer season.



One of the first things you have to decide when buying men’s shorts is your style of length. Are you a mid-length lover, or maybe you like to go against the grain and go for more length?


Shorts are called shorts for a reason. However, summer 2020 is promising to make longer length shorts trendy. Face your fear and accept that your knees will now be covered.



Mid-length shorts are where the majority would prefer to be, classic, timeless and widely accepted amongst short enthusiasts.



Short shorts will raise a few eyebrows when you wear them. That could be because you will be showing off a lot of thigh action. 



If long shorts were not long enough, you are in luck. Three quarter length shorts are for the days when you want to embody your inner dad vibe.



A short suit is like the marmite of tailoring. You either love or hate it. In theory, it makes sense, why wouldn’t you want to wear shorts on a hot day? Despite the practical way of thinking, I have never seen anyone in the flesh be brave enough to wear it. 


Take the casual, laid back approach with jersey jogging shorts. Perfect for the days of lounging around indoors or for an off-duty weekend look. Always make sure your jerseys match to create a monochromatic look.

best mens shorts


Chino shorts are the most versatile shorts you can own. You can dress it up with a smart Oxford shirt or dress it down with a t-shirt or sweater. 

best mens shorts


Denim shorts will forever be in supply as there is always a need to take scissors to your jeans. Let’s leave the skinny denim shorts alone, shall we?

best mens shorts


On a hot day, why wouldn’t you be wearing linen shorts? The linen fabric is made to be worn in warm weather. You would be crazy not to have this fabric in your short collection—style with a linen shirt for a holiday resort look.

best mens shorts



For the days when you are fortunate to be by a pool, the swim shorts have you covered. From tailored to printed, even swim shorts can be made into a fashion statement.

best mens shorts



Whether you are working out from home, at the local gym or running in a park, gym shorts are a must-have. If you want to be fashionable while working out, make sure the shorts are above the knee, in monochromatic or contract colour. 

best mens shorts



Last but not least is the festival favourite, dungarees. Effortlessly cool, style your dungarees with one strap, off the shoulder in denim fabric. 

best mens shorts


What are some of your favourite men’s shorts?

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