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The Men’s Guide to Wearing Double Denim

by VanityForbes
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When I think of double denim I am instantly transported to the 2001 AMA’s where Britney and Justin Timberlake made their most iconic red carpet appearance in an all-denim look. Since then it has been back and forth debating whether double denim is indeed a fashion statement or a fashion faux pas.

Double denim for me is a match made in heaven. But there are five key ingredients that make double denim successful no matter how you wear it. From matching the same fabric to clashing colours, here are my tips on how to wear double denim for men.


One of the easiest ways to create an all denim look is by matching the same fabric. Find the perfect match is quite tricky, as there will always be subtle various to the denim wash and twill texture from brand to brand. While there will be subtle variations, try getting close to the match as best as possible. 

Once you have found your complimentary denim fabric, you want to decide on where you want to place your denim combo within your look. 

Image Source: Mango


For a seamless denim look from top to tail, you can wear a denim shirt and jeans combo. I wear this look all the time, and it creates a seamless denim cohesion from the top to the bottom half of your look. I finished this look with white socks and white sneakers.

double denim men
Image Source: Mango


If you want to break up the denim overload but still wear double denim, you can switch the shirt to a denim jacket and use a t-shirt as a way to diffuse the strength of the denim. 

double denim men
Image Source: Mango


Another double denim look that you can create is all about focusing denim to the top half of your look. Wearing trousers, a denim shirt and a denim jacket to create a dramatic texture contrast to the bottom half of your outfit.

Image Source: Mango


The final way to wear double denim is by mixing different denim fabrics by colour, wash and texture. You can combine different denim colours to create a colour clash.

Image Source: Zara

You can also keep it simple and mix the wash of the denim to create subtle variations of blue denim.There are endless options to choose from allowing you to move away from a monochromatic double denim look.

Image Source: Mango

What are some of your favourite ways to wear double denim?

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