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How to Look Good on Zoom While Working From Home

by VanityForbes
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Working from home is the new normal, and one of the most important thing you have to focus on is how you look and present yourself on a video call. Whether you are zooming, using Microsoft teams or Skype business. Appearance is everything. 

Paying attention to what you look like from the waist up should be your number 1 priority. This doesn’t permit you to disregard your look from the waist down. Wearing boxers is not acceptable. But it helps to prepare the lower half just in case you need to stand up, and move around. More importantly, the top half is where the party located. Whether you are on a daily 15 minute check in to a 1-hour meeting, or a conference call. All eyes are dissecting your look and video set up. 

While I don’t want to feed into the pressure of looking good all the time while working from home, it helps to keep up good appearances where necessary and helps to create a routine that feels familiar to office life.

Here are my tips on how to look good on a zoom call. 


Colour plays a significant part in a video call. It can help make you stand out or blend. Dark colours will make you look understated and sophisticated. Neutral colours like white, grey and beige are also safe.

Image Source: Mango

Don’t be afraid of colour to help brighten up the dreariness of the call, block colours, stripes or prints are your best bet. 


Prints can be your secret weapon, but they should be worn in moderation, so your colleagues are not bombarded with a myriad of designs every day. Wear prints when you want to make an impact when you want the attention on your or if you’re going to make a fashion statement.

look good on a zoom call


No one expects you to wear a suit at home, but an easy way to add a touch of formality in your look while still keeping it casual is by adding a blazer. If you have a job that is client-facing or quite senior, that touch of tailoring will help convey a professional attitude despite being in the confines of your own home. 

look good on a zoom call
Image Source: Zara


Layering is a simple yet effective way to be creative with your look. From a simple tee and open shirt combo to a utility vest there are endless light jackets and tops that can be used to layer.

look good on a zoom call
Image Source: Reserved


No matter how stylish your outfit may be, without the right lighting, it will never get the love and appreciation it deserves. Take the time to scout out the best location that you can prop your laptop up while getting a good source of natural lighting. 

If you lack natural lighting, artificial light is the next best thing. Grab yourself a lamp, turn your screen brightness to the max and watch your outfit start to illuminate. 

What are some of your tips on how to look good on a zoom call.

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