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The Gel Sneaker – Trending Now for Spring Summer

by VanityForbes
2 minutes read

The gel sneaker is the newest sneaker trend to petition space in your ever growing footwear collection. The sneaker is defined by an air cushion which can be located at the back of the sneaker or in some cases encompass the entire sole for a unique aesthetic.


The gel design adds a decorative element to your footwear with the use of bold contrasting colours. While brands like Zara and Pull and Bear have a range of fashion led styles and silhouettes. Brands like Asics have been perfecting gel technology to provide cushioning to the heel for maximum comfort to their running sneakers.


Here are my favourite gel sneakers that you can buy.




Men’s contrast mesh trainers – £49.99


Men’s multi-piece trainers – £59.99

gel sneakers



Maxi Sneakers – £69.99

gel sneakers

gel sneakers



What do you think of the gel sneaker trend?

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