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How Not to Ruin the Shape of Your Clothes

by VanityForbes
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Have you ever put on your favourite clothes and realised the fit has changed? The once slim fit roll neck is now slightly looser on the neck. The round neck T-shirt has morphed into an oval neck. These are all signs that – over time- you have ruined the shape of your clothes. 


The problem with misshapen clothes is once they get out of shape you are unable to recapture the fit they once had rendering them useless.


To avoid such a bleak fate, I have outline my tips on how not to ruin the shape of your clothes.



The hotter the temperature, the higher the chances of your clothes shrinkage. Trust me. It’s pure science. Switch to a cold wash to preserve the size of your clothes and save money on your heating bill.



The cuff of your long sleeve top is not designed to go about your wrist. Trust me. I have learned the hard way. Your wrists and your upper arm have apparent sizes differences. Over time your sleeve will expand, making it too loose for your wrists. It’s a hard habit to get control over, but you will prolong the state of your sleeves this way. 


 I remember my older brother used to raid my wardrobe and wear my clothes, he was a regular member of the gym and had a muscular frame compared to my slender form. When I managed to get my clothes back, the fit was never the same as they accommodated for his larger build. I haven’t forgiven him since.

ruin your clothes


The neckline makes or breaks your tops. Once they are misshapen, there is no going back. Unless you like misshapen necklines? You now have to find a new way to put a top over your head. 

ruin your clothes



After a long day being mishandled, it helps to give your clothes a nice send-off back into your wardrobe. Hanging your clothes is crucial to maintaining the shape of your clothes. A poorly hung garment will mould to the form of the hanger. I remember hanging my roll neck lazily, so the chest was where the shoulders should be. The next time I wore it, I had a hanger imprint that I could not remove for days.


ruin your clothes



Hopefully, these fives tips have helped you change your perspective about not ruining your clothes. What are some of the tips you have not to ruin the shape of your clothes?

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