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The Best Mens Trousers to Have in your Wardrobe

by VanityForbes
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The secret to having a great wardrobe is understanding what the best item of clothing to start with. My looks always tend to begin with trousers, which dictates the result rest of my look.


Because of the role my trousers play in my outfit building, I have a considerable amount of pants in my wardrobe. You could say that I have a slight obsession. 


For a versatile collection, I recommend having a variety of silhouettes and styles to ensure you have a trouser for every occasion. If you are not sure where to start, here are the best mens trousers to have in your collection.



First up, the pinstripe trouser. There is something about the pinstripe pattern that instantly elevates your look. The soft fine white lines contrasting with a solid base can bring a sartorial edge to your look.

mens trousers



The side stripe brings an athletic touch to your trouser collection. I have only one side-striped trousers. They are black with a black and gold side stripe. I love wearing it with an all-black look to focus the attention on the pants. 


A side stripe can elevate a monochromatic look. It can also add a variety to a suit. Regardless of how you utilise the side stripe, it is a worthy addition to your wardrobe. 



Tailored trousers are a suiting staple, but they can also be diffused into a casual look. Style with chunky or running sneakers, white socks and a sweatshirt and you have a classic streetwear look centred around tailored trousers.

Tailored trousers are the evening wear go-to, style with a roll neck and loafers, or a t-shirt and a leather jacket. The styling options are endless. My wardrobe and style would be nothing without tailored trousers. 



Sometimes we all need an elastic waist to carry us through the day. The jogger brings a casualness to your trousers collection. Joggers come in three forms. The casual sweatpants, the branded track pan and the modern jogger which has the best of both the tailoring and sportswear world. 

mens trousers


I have a hard time remembering what it was like for the hem of my trousers to touch my trainers. How did I survive without showing my socks? 

mens trousers

Having cropped trousers in your wardrobe gives you variety in hem length and helps you play with your silhouette.



Popular in the 90s, cargo trousers offer a casual yet functional trouser style. Cargo trousers come in a standard hem or a cuffed version, giving you two different styling options. 

mens trousers


What are some of your favourite mens trousers that you can’t live without? 

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