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The Best Mens Loungewear Looks to Wear at Home

by VanityForbes
4 minutes read

Sometimes all you want to do is lounge around in comfortable clothes. Whether you are in lockdown or deciding to have a day at home, wearing casual basics is the most effortless way to create a look without feeling like you have to make an effort.

While loungewear is for your eyes only, or the other people you live with, there is no excuse not to transform your casual look into a stylish one.

From coordinated sets to repurposed athletic wear, there are many ways to create a loungewear look. Let’s start with the ingredients of a loungewear look.


What is loungewear without joggers? They are comfort personified, and with an expanded draw-string waist and cuffed hem, they are the perfect clothing companion when you migrate from the bed to the fridge to the sofa. Joggers will always have your back and love you the way you are. 

Start with polyester cotton blend with elastane in your favourite colour combination.



For the warmer days when your legs need to breathe, switch to a jogger short. They give you the same comfort just in a shorter length.

For the top half of your look, you have a series of options from t-shirts to sweatshirts and of course the hoodie.


In a loungewear look, the top anchors your outfit and dictates the colour story. Your top can be plain or graphic. Don’t forget about the different fits of your tee. Classic, slim fit and oversized will create different silhouettes and will each change the result of your look.



The sweatshirt is my favourite loungewear piece. While you can continue the colour and fabric story of your joggers, I like to contrast my sweater to the bottom half of my look.


A hoodie is the godfather of loungewear, giving you the ultimate level of comfort by wearing your hood up. I tend to ignore zipped hoodies and go straight to the over the head version.


The final loungewear piece that is not in the jogger world is denim. The perfect jeans will give you a familiar casual comfort and will help create a look that resembles life outside your home. 

Now that we have established the basic ingredients of loungewear. Here are my favourite loungewear looks to make you feel stylish at home.


Iconic yet straightforward, the grey sweatshirt is the standard you want to aspire to with your loungewear collection. There is only one rule. Making sure the greys match. No one wants to see a mixed match grey combination on their daily walk around the block.

For a colour palette cleanse, go deep with a black and navy colourway. Play with the hardware colours like gold and copper to further elevate your jogger set.


Up the style factor by wearing a seasonal design. The side stripe is a fun way to inject newness into your sweat collection.


Colour is another way to vary your loungewear collection. Go tonal with a pale pink or beige channelling your inner Yeezy season.


When you get bored of lounging around in sweat pants, denim is the answer. Combine denim and casual wear to create a comfortable yet classic look. 



Joggers don’t have to be in traditional sweat material. Go modern with your loungewear and switch to jogger tailored trousers. Loose-fitting and with a drawstring, you can have the comfort without compromising your style aesthetic. Wear with a tee, sweatshirt or knitwear. 



If you are an activewear junkie, why not make that your loungewear look of choice, from lycra tops and leggings, you be comfortable, supported and ready to jump into a workout at any minute.


What are some of your homewear icons to wear when you are indoors?

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