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The Best Mens Striped T-Shirts for Spring Summer

by VanityForbes
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Stripes are an essential spring summer print. They are a reliable and timeless making it a safe styling choice when you are not sure what to wear. 

Apart from the classic vertical style, stripes come in a multitude of variations that will allow you to breathe new life into the iconic nautical print. From vertical to retro, each stripe style will create a different style attitude to add versatility to your seasonal wardrobe. 

Here are the best mens striped t-shirts for the spring summer season:


By switching from a horizontal to a vertical stripe, you instantly create a new dimension to your look.


One of my favourite stripe variations is the pinstripe. Borrowing elements from the tailoring world to bring a formal attitude to the casual striped tee. Opt for muted colour palette such as grey, white or black.


Sometimes there doesn’t have to be an order to your stripe patterns. Combine different stripe sizes to create a psychedelic clash of proportions.



Nothing conveys the 90’s era quite like an explosion of multi-coloured stripes to create that retro feel.

mens striped


If stripes are not your thing, the colour blocks are like stripes but on a larger scale.

mens striped


Breton stripes are you go-to classic stripe options if you do not feel like experimenting. Style with navy shorts or chinos or go further with the look and style with white denim.


The side stripe detail is perfect if you want to wear a stripe pattern in a subtle way. A stripe can be worn on the sleeve or the side of the torso. Style with a matching coordinating set for a seamless stripe look.

mens striped

What are some of your favourite mens striped t-shirts to wear for spring summer?


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