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How to Wear a Mens Double Breasted Blazer

by VanityForbes
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The double breasted blazer has been at the forefront of tailoring trends since autumn-winter ’19 and offers a wealth of sartorial inspired looks to add to your spring wardrobe. 

The suit blazer is the epitome of formality. While it can help to smarten up your look and carry you to formal events, the blazer can be separated from the trousers and be effortlessly styling with your wardrobe staples to create contemporary tailoring looks. 

If you are ready to add a touch of suiting into your style then look no further, here are my tips on how to wear a mens double breasted blazer this season:


Whenever I think of tailoring, I automatically think of structure and silhouette. Suiting doesn’t always have to be form-fitting, and a double breasted blazer could be the moment where you experiment with your profile and choose a relaxed silhouette. 

Image Source: Zara


For more of a classic tailoring look with a casual flair, go for a full double breasted blazer suit. In addition, crop the trousers and pair with white lace-up trainers. I love wearing sneakers to diffuse the formality of the suit and make it spring-ready.

Image Source: Reiss


Combine the world of athleisure and tailoring by dropping the tailored trousers in favour of denim or track pants. Style the blazer of a hoody or a track jacket. 

Image Source: Zara



Wearing a double breasted suit to a wedding is an easy way to elevate yourself amongst the wedding guests. For instance, adding a pattern will further your style credentials. Style with a shirt and as always, make sure your trousers are cropped for the spring season. 

Image Source: Zara


Assert yourself amongst your colleagues with the help of a double breasted blazer. There is something powerful about a guy in a well-fitted suit, and that is further enhanced when you make that switch from single to double breast.

mens double breasted blazer
Image Source: REiss


Break the tailoring rules by going down the contemporary route to add fresh new energy to a traditional way of dressing. Buttons are not included in this interpretation of a double breasted blazer. 

mens double breasted blazer
Image Source: COS


You should always have a well-fitted tuxedo suit laying dormant in your wardrobe. Ready to be summoned when a black-tie invitation comes through. Switch things up and upgrade your single-breasted blazer to a double to increase your style prowess.

mens double breasted blazer


Separate the suit from the tailoring world with a trend inspired look. Trade the penny loafers for running sneaker and switch up the shirt for a casual tee. If you are feeling bold, switch up your suit colour to an attention-grabbing colour. 

mens double breasted blazer
Image Source: Zara


Your dad inspires the final weekend look. Casual, relaxed denim, a polo and double breasted blazer two sizes too big. 

mens double breasted blazer
Image Source: Zara

What are some of your styling tips on how to wear a mens double breasted blazer?


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