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Men’s Visor Sunglasses – Trending Now

by VanityForbes

Are you thinking of making a statement for spring-summer? I have the perfect solution in the form of visor sunglasses. Bold and striking, these trendy shades come in a multitude of fashionable styles to command attention in a room full of wayfarers.


Visor sunglasses are recognisable for the large and somewhat oversized curved lenses that take up the whole of your face. You can go sporty, and go for a rounded typical cycling style shape with one wrap-around lens framed by a top bar with a cushioned nose pad.


mens visor sunglasses


Or go fashion-forward with a rectangular-shaped visor, to offset your round facial features. 

mens visor sunglasses

Or settle with a classic visor style.


mens visor sunglasses

Here are my favourite men’s visor sunglasses:






The Sprint – £175


mens visor sunglasses


Visor sunglasses in black – £115

mens visor sunglasses


What do you think of the men’s visor sunglasses trend?

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