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How to Wear Neon in 4 Simple Ways

by VanityForbes

Neon is one of the most misunderstood colours in fashion with many people regarding fluorescent colours with fear. That fear stems from a lack of understanding of how to incorporate the bold colour into their everyday style. 


The trick is to arm yourself with simple styling techniques that demonstrate how to style neon and also how to dial up the neon intensity from subtle to full fluorescent. If you are ready to take a plunge into the unknown colour territory, then you have come to the right place. Here are my favourite ways to wear neon.



Downplay the boldness of neon by relegating it to a shoe or accessory. This shows that you are ready to commit to the trend in a subtle way. Opt for a shoe, a beanie or a bag, whichever works with your outfit.

With the bum bag still trending, how about going for a neon version?


Another way to style neon is through the art of layering. Neon is visible but slightly concealed behind another layer. This way, the bright colour is sandwiched between contrast shades to create an eye-catching distinction of colour.
A hoodie instantly comes to mind, with this look, but any top will work.


Give neon more prominence by layering it over a top.


For this look, neon is diffused by pairing it with a darker colour such as khaki or black. For extra style points, tuck your top into your trousers for a distinctive colour contrast.


Remember to experiment with all shades of fluorescent, from yellow to green, to orange to magenta.


wear neon



This look is unapologetically bright, curated to feature neon at the centre of your outfit. Think fluorescent outerwear or tailoring. Full fluorescent means incorporating more than one neon clothing into your look to create a strong colour statement. You can focus the colour into one half of you look by wearing a top and jacket.
wear neon
or you create a full neon outfit, by having it feature in the top and bottom half of your look.
wear neon
What are some of your favourite ways to wear neon?

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