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How to Wear Pastels for Spring

by VanityForbes
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While the winter season celebrates deep earth tones, the spring colour palette leans on the colour spectrum’s brighter side, ushering in a wave of soft and uplifting colours.

One of the colour themes trending during the spring season is pastel. The soft hues can easily fit into your seasonal style, guiding in spring’s long awaiting temperature spike. So if you are ready for a pastel wardrobe overhaul, look no further. Here are my tips on how to wear pastel for spring.


One of my favourite ways to incorporate pastels into my wardrobe is through tailoring. As the wedding invitations start landing in your inbox, there is no better way to show up in style than with a seasonal appropriate suit colour. 

Wearing pastels

To get more wear out of a pastel suit, wear the trousers and blazer separately. For the blazer, style with your favourite denim and buttoned-down shirt for a weekend-ready look.

Wearing pastels


Pastel trousers can also be incorporated into your everyday style, especially if you are not afraid of bold colours — style with white to compliment the soft pastel tones.

how to wear pastel


Accessories are an easy way to inject a trendy colour scheme into your style, especially if you have more of a classic wardrobe that doesn’t lean heavily on trends. Instead, opt for a pastel refresh of your favourite leather accessory.

how to wear pastel


Every wardrobe should be made up of the everyday basics. So choose your favourite essentials and give them a refresh in your favourite pastel colours, from a t-shirt to a sweatshirt or hoodie.

how to wear pastel

When it comes to building a pastel look with your everyday essentials, try teaming the spring colour with black. For example, a hoodie layered under black outerwear or styles with black trousers works well.

What are some of your favourite ways of wearing pastel colours?

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