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How to Transition Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

by VanityForbes
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I don’t think I have been this glad to see the back of the winter season. While I enjoy wrapping up warm and wearing my favourite winter pieces, this cold, dark and wet winter in London has strained my wardrobe to its limits. 

But hope is on the horizon, as winter begins to lose its grip on your wardrobe, you can start to transition your clothes to be spring-ready. Say goodbye to puffer coats and cashmere scarfs and welcome light jackets and pastel hues.

Here are my top tips on how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

1. Ditch the puffer for a lighter jacket

The puffer coat has had its dominance over my outwear wardrobe for far too long. As soon as the weather moves to double digits, the puffer coat will be going straight into storage in favour of a lightweight jacket. 

2. Say goodbye to the scarf and say hello to the bandana.

My scarf has been the hero of my winter wardrobe. Instead of using is around my neck, I styled it around my face and neck. Now I have no use for the scarf I need to ensure my neck is not neglected through the spring season. One of the trends I loved last year was the bandana, and I can’t wait to adorn my neck with this accessory.

neck scarf

3. Lay the woolly hat to rest and embrace the bucket

When it comes to headwear switches, you can say goodbye to the warmth of your woolly hat and welcome the effortless style of the bucket hat. The bucket hat has two functions, shade against the sun and protection against the rain during spring. 

4. Let your ankles breathe as you switch to invisible socks

Your ankles have been trapped under socks for an entire season, and it’s time let them breathe by changing to invisible socks.

5. Put your right foot forward with spring-appropriate footwear

During this cold and wet winter, I struggled to find the appropriate winter footwear. I was switching between Chelsea boots and chunky sneakers while trying to keep my feet dry. For spring, say goodbye to your boots and make a permanent switch to lace-up sneakers.

6. Shed the autumn tones and morph into pastel hues

While a muted colour palette is celebrated during the fall, move your colour needed to more vibrant tones and introduce colour back into your wardrobe in the form of pastels. 

transition wardrobe

7. From wool to suede

While winter fabrics are less useful in spring, the weather is not sufficiently warm enough to forgo heavy materials. Switch up your wool clothing for a suede statement.

transition wardrobe

What are some of your top tips to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring?

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