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5 Simple Holiday Wardrobe Hacks

by VanityForbes
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I have never been a fan of packing for a holiday. It gives me anxiety thinking of having to plan what outfits to wear on each day. 


There are so many questions that race through my mind. What if the hotel doesn’t have an iron? How many looks should I bring? Will my planed-looks work when I wear them? Do I have space to pack all of my clothes?


All these can be answered with my five simple holiday wardrobe hacks. Dive in below.


1 – Ask for the iron as soon as you arrive.

I’m not too fond of creased clothes. I struggle to understand why people would be so lazy and take their clothes straight from their suitcase and wear it straight away! Not on my watch.


The first thing I do when I arrive at my room is to check if there is an iron. If not, I quickly request one and bang out all my ironing there and then. Doing it all on day one means that I can get create a look each day without worrying about creases.


2 – Get creative if there is no iron

If the hotel doesn’t have an iron, it’s time to get creative. My tip is to lay your clothes flat, then hang it in a wardrobe, so it hangs perfectly. Over time the creases will be less harsh. This is not a perfect way, but it is better than leaving your clothes, creased in your suitcase.


Another tip is using the hair drying as a steamer. Hold it close to the clothes and blow away the creases. This method is not perfect, but it does smooth out the worst of the wrinkles.


The last tip if there is no iron, is to hang clothes in the bathroom when having a shower. I don’t use this method, as I don’t want any moisture on my clothes, but the steam from your shower can act as a steamer and help smooth out creases.


3 – Wear the same clothes in different ways

Holiday Wardrobe Hacks

Don’t be afraid to wear a top or trousers multiple times. You are allowed, you are on holiday. If you have limited space in your suitcase, styling this way enables you to wear numerous looks with a small number of options. 

4 – Reuse your holiday wardrobe

Holiday Wardrobe Hacks

Depending on how frequently you go on holiday, buying a whole new outfit every time you go away can be a costly venture. What I do each season is complete a wardrobe review and pick out some of the pieces that I can re-wear. This allows me to buy a couple of new clothes, create excitement in my wardrobe while getting the best wear out of my oldies. 


5 – Keep the tag on your clothes. 

Holiday Wardrobe Hacks

For those who insist on buying a completely new holiday wardrobe, I would recommend to keep the tags on and to hold on to your receipt. In most cases, you will find that you overestimated how much clothes you were going to wear. 


What are some of your holiday wardrobe hacks to set you up for holiday outfit success?

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