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The Best Affordable Men’s Sunglasses Brands

by VanityForbes

I have had a love-hate relationship with sunglasses. I have yet to find a shape that suits me, but I also struggle to be able to name more than five brands that are both affordable and are good quality and can survive longer than a year in my possession. This led me on a search to find sunglasses brands that match my criteria. Or in some cases, the brands found me through Instagram algorithms. 


Here are my favourite men’s sunglasses brands that are both affordable, stylish and are made well. 



Viu eyewear merges their cutting edge design with their expert craftsmanship to create timeless eyewear and suit every style. Hand-crafted in Italy and designed in Switzerland quality and innovating is at the forefront of the development process, using materials such as premium acetate, titanium, stainless steel and 3d printing techniques for maximum precision.



You can find sunglasses starting from £145.


Quality and style are at Triwa’s priority when producing sunglasses. Designs are clean and versatile, taking inspiration from their established wrist wear business. Founded in Sweden, you find each sunglasses made with high-quality materials in a mix of matte and gloss finishes. 



Prices start from £125.


Quay Australia, founded in Melbourne 14 years ago, use their festival circuit roots to fuel the inspiration and design of their sunglasses. You can find bold and edgy designs which fit with their fearless attitude, at an affordable price point to make it accessible for everyone.


Mens Sunglasses Brands


Prices start at £38.


Ace and Tate do things their way, by being transparent in showing why we are paying far above what is reasonable for sunglasses. By cutting out the middle man, you pay for only the design and quality, cutting out the licence holder and retailer. They are creating high-quality designs at a fair price.


Mens Sunglasses Brands


Prices start at £98.


You should be familiar with ray ban sunglasses. Ray-ban is an American-Italian founded luxury brand that has been creating eyewear since 1936. They are the most recognisable eyewear brand and are the staple for people who want iconic, stylish and reliable sunglasses.


Mens Sunglasses Brands


Prices start from £103.



You can always rely on jeepers peepers frames to make you stand out from the crowd. Founded in 2005, they pride themselves in creating eyewear that blend style and affordable.


Mens Sunglasses Brands

Prices start from £20.


What are some of your favourite affordable men’s sunglasses brands that you love?

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