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The Best Functional Work Backpacks

by VanityForbes

Every year my bag gets heavier. It started when I decided to save money and make my own packed lunch. Which meant my backpack had to make space for a Tupperware box. I then started to eat my breakfast at work. My bag had to make room for overnight oats in a jar. I’ve recently discovered the importance of having a healthy gut microbiome. Insert three fruit. I read. Now I need space for my book. I live in London insert an umbrella.


As you can imagine, my bag is prime real estate and space is increasingly becoming more valuable. The bags that I currently own are aesthetically pleasing but lack the space to carry my daily essentials, so I am on the hunt for the best functional backpack.


Here are the best functional work backpacks to hold your daily essentials:





A weatherproof, functional backpack perfect for life in the city. It is detailed with a rolltop and quick access laptop sleeve.

Blackcharm 22x Bravo 3.0 – £180


Manhattan Backpack – £65

A lightweight, functional backpack with a removal crossbody pouch, detailed with a foldable flap closure and cargo straps.


Embossed two-tone animal print backpack – £69.99

An animal print embossed functional bag with side pockets finished  polished hardware


Alice backpack – £175

Crafted in mid-weight nylon with multiple compartments and a large main compartment to house your essentials.



Scripps backpack – £105

A rugged backpack suited for urban exploration. Detailed with a laptop, tablet and shoe storage compartment and a wealth of pockets.


The backpack – £169

A sleek PU leather functional backpack with utility straps and hardware. Featuring a variety of compartments including a discreet laptop space.




Autumn Leaf Backpack – £100

A stylish everyday bag with handhold straps and functional compartments made from durable canvas.



Ruben rucksack – £149

A glossy black polyester rucksack with a foldable main compartment, smaller front compartments and side pockets.

Functional Work Backpacks


The Columbia street elite backpack is detailed with utility straps and multiple compartments with space to store a laptop.

Street elite backpack – £79.99

Functional Work Backpacks



Lapel nylon backpack – £59.99

A nylon backpack fastened with two buckles fastening the main compartment with additional compartments at the front, side and top of the bag.

Functional Work Backpacks



Mountaineer bag – £109.99

A large backpack with a zipped main compartment. Detailed with a front string compartment, a side mesh pocket and utility straps.

Functional Work Backpacks


Philis backpack – £84.99

A canvas backpack with a folded main compartment fastened with a buckle and zip. Detailed with front and side compartments

Functional Work Backpacks

What are some of your favourite functional work backpacks ?

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