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How to Avoid Washing Your Clothes Too Often

by VanityForbes
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I hate it when I am looking forward to wearing an outfit, and I realise that the top I need is at the bottom of the wash bin. If there is a hell, I am sure this is it. If only I took batter care of my clothes there would be a chance to wear my favourite pieces for longer.


How often should you wash your clothes? I try and avoid washing my clothes too often. Mainly because there are clothes I like wearing quite often. But that is not the only reason. I rarely need to wash clothes because I try to take extra care when wearing them. By the end of the day, my clothes are in good condition, are stain-free and smell good – most of the time.


This revelation will either impress or disgust you. But I am sure I am helping the planet in some way — Yay for the environment.


If you want my tips on how to avoid washing your clothes too often then dive into my wardrobe secrets.




Do not put yourself in a position that will stress your body and engage your sweat glands. The train you are about to miss. Let it go. Any sweating will result in your clothes having to be washed immediately.


When it comes to basics and clothing prices to wear frequently. It may be beneficial to buy duplicates of your favourite clothes.


avoid washing your clothes


It’s been a long day, you get home, and your partner tells you the good news. “It’s your time to cook”, instead of immediately rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in, change into something appropriate that you don’t mind getting food or oil on.


avoid washing your clothes


I use a lot of castor oil in my hair, and there was a time when I would get dressed, start my hair routine and lo and behold, I would get oil stains on my clothes. I learned the lesson the hard way and where possible I do my moisturising before and then styling after I am fully clothed.

avoid washing your clothes


What are some of the tips you use to avoid washing your clothes too often?

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