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Men’s Bandanas – Where to Buy the Best Styles in 2022

by VanityForbes
8 minutes read

The bandana is an essential accessory for men, thanks to the pandemic. What started as a fashionable scarf has transformed into a functional accessory that many people have repurposed as face-covering.

Apart from wearing the bandana as a DIY face mask, the square scarf can be worn in many ways, decorating your neck to your wrist in style. When I was younger, I was obsessed with wearing a bandana. I had a baby blue coloured paisley style that I used to wear over my head with a matching New Era cap I got from the US – styled to the side, of course. My taste levels have evolved from then, and so has my styling. Today, I usually wear a bandana around my neck when my look demands it.

If you love incorporating the bandana into your fashion or are intrigued to try something new, you have come to the right place. Here are some of my favourite bandanas and ways to style them.

How can I wear a bandana?


Fold the bandana into a triangle and tie it around the back of your head.

Image Source: ASOS


Fold the square into a triangle, and then fold up from the long end until you have a long piece. Position on your forehead and tie at the back.

Image Source: Topman



Start with the flat square bandana and fold into a triangle. Tie around the neck with the triangle either at the front or the back, creating a neck scarf.

Image Source: Zara



For more of a practical approach, and for colder seasons, wrap the bandana around the neck or wrist and knot at the front.

Image Source: Pull and Bear


Instead of a flat fold, twist the scarf to form a swirl effect, concealed the back or have it tied at the front.

Image Source: Pull and Bear


Fold the square into a triangle, and then fold up from the long end until you have a long piece. Position it around your neck like a scarf and tie at the back.

Image Source: Zara


Switch the knot to the front for a versatile look.

mens bandanas
Image Source: Zara


Fold to create a long rectangle and wrap around the neck, concealing the ends underneath your t-shirt.

neck scarf
Image Source: Zara


Tuck your bandana into your back pocket for a casual streetwear-inspired look.

Image Source: Superdry

If you think you can pull off the look, here are a few options that you can choose.

Where can I buy a classic men’s paisley print bandana?

Keep it classic with the iconic paisley print bandana.


Pull and Bear – Classic Bandana – £5.99

Where can I buy the best men’s graphic bandanas?

Give your bandana a fun and playful update with bold graphics and fabrics.

Kapital – Ikarimakuri Cat Bandana Navy – £30

Mens bandana from Kapital

J CREW – Wallace & Barnes organic cotton bandana – £22

Mens bandana from J crew

SCOTCH AND SODAPrinted organic cotton bandana scarf – £35

mens printed bandana from Scotch and Soda

BERSHKA – Printed Bandana – £12.99

Mens graphic printed bandana from Bershka

ASOS – bandana in dark floral print – £8.50


What do you think of the men’s bandana trend?

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Edouard 25th April 2021 - 5:35 pm


What is the brand of the blue, orange and white bandana in the headband section of this article ?
Thank you !

VanityForbes 25th April 2021 - 7:09 pm

Hello hello,

It’s from Topman!


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