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Where to Buy the Best Tote Bags in 2024

by VanityForbes
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As you age and mature into your middle years, you may notice various changes. In the fashion world, one of these changes is realizing that you can’t go anywhere without a tote bag. Personally, I hate forgetting my tote bag while running errands as it forces me to accept a bag from the store, adding to the weight of environmental concerns. Was that 10p worth it? What would David Attenborough think? I have learned my lesson, though. I always make sure to carry a canvas or PVC tote bag on weekends to accommodate my impulse buys or last-minute trips to the store.

What I love about The tote bag is the versatility. It can be worn in multiple ways. Throw it casually over the shoulder for an effortless style.

Image Source: Arket

Or casually under the arm in a comfortable grip.

Image Source: Zara

Wear it under the shoulder to fit snug between your arm and your body.

Image Source: COS

For a more secure way of wearing, the tote bag sometimes features a crossbody strap that can be worn over the shoulder, giving you freedom with your arms.

Image Source: Burberry

Some tote styles come with multiple straps for complete versatility, including a backpack strap allowing you to wear a tote bag on your back.

Image Source: Sandqvist

Carry your tote by the handles for a simple and easy way of wearing.

Image Source: Arket

Now that you are a styling pro, here are my favourite men’s tote bags you can buy.

Where can I buy the best waxed men’s tote bag?

When buying a tote, choosing the right material can be difficult. A waxed variation could be a great addition to your bag collection, as it offers a timeless feel and functional properties that help protect it from the elements.

OLDFIELD – Brierley Tote in Moss – £75

Where can I buy the best nylon/PVC men’s tote bag?

A nylon or synthetic polyester tote is a durable and weather-proof option for running errands, offering lightweight properties for navigating unpredictable weather.

STUTTERHEIM – Svea Bag – £75

ÖLEND – Ona Soft Bag – £82

Db – Surf Tote 80L Chris Burkard – £69

Mens tote bag

STUTTERHEIM – Stylist Bag – £75

H&M – Quilted Shopper – £27.99

BJORN – Duffle Tote – £80

Where can I buy the best canvas tote bags?

A cotton canvas tote bag is a versatile and spacious option that can accommodate all your shopping needs, whether planned or unplanned. The cotton version, with its deep handles, allows you to carry all your purchases for the day in style.

ARKET – Oversized Canvas Tote – £29


Hay – Weekend Bag No. 2 – £41

A.P.C Daniela Shopping Bag – £100

BJORN – Ace Classic Tote – £65

DAUNT BOOKS – Canvas Bag – £15

BELLROY – Market Tote Plus – £49

USKEES – #4001 Large Tote Bag – £25


What do you think of the men’s tote bag trend?

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