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7 Tops to Wear With a Suit Instead of a Shirt

by VanityForbes
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It’s 2024, and the rules of suiting have changed dramatically. The old traditions no longer bind you. While we still respect the traditional tailoring elements and adopt them on appropriate occasions, breaking the rules and showcasing your creativity is equally important to stand out from the crowd of lapels and pleats. Welcome to modern tailoring

“What does modern tailoring mean?” It is all about blending unexpected and surprising elements into the world of tailoring. One way of achieving this is by using a classic shirt as a base. While a white collared shirt has a certain straightforwardness, it can also be substituted with your everyday wardrobe essentials to create an outfit that will leave an impression long after you leave the room.

The workplace has changed, and wedding guests are looking for more originality. Here are seven tops to wear with a suit instead of a shirt.


Fusing the world of sports and tailoring. The track jacket adds a casual dimension to your sartorial look. Be bold and play with colour and design to create a bold sportswear statement.

Image Source: Zara


A popular winter alternative to the shirt, wearing a roll-neck provides much-needed warmth and elegance, the perfect winter combination.

Black suit styled with a roll neck jumper | Vanityforbes
Image Source: Zara


Keeping in line with the knitwear theme, up the warmth factor with a chunky knit. Clash the chunky knitwear textures with a winter tailoring pattern like Prince of Wales or herringbone.

Tops to wear with a suit
Image Source: Zara


A lightweight Merino option for the perfect mild days and cooler evenings. Match the colour of your suit for a monochromatic look.

Tops to wear with a suit
Image Source: Mango


For colder months, opt for a long-sleeved silhouette for the perfect blend of smart and casual—experiment with different polo styles, from the classic collar to a zip-up style.

Tops to wear with a suit
Image Source: H&M


For warmer days, opt for a simple tee in a contrasting colour for a more paired-down look. For an injection of pigment, wear a T-shirt in a contrasting colour to your suit.

Tops to wear with a suit


Go super casual and tone down the suit’s formality with a hoodie. When considering what colour hoodie to wear, try contrasting colours—a navy suit with a grey hoodie or a black suit with a white hoodie.

Tops to wear with a suit
Image Source: Zara

What tops do you like to wear with a suit instead of a shirt?

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