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How to Make Your Clothes Last Longer in 10 Ways

by VanityForbes
3 minutes read

There is an art to caring for your clothes. While we all might put our emphasis on buying, having longevity is crucial to have a collection of clothes that last a long time.

Here are my tips on how to make your clothes last longer than one season.

1. Iron on the reverse.

You’ve noticed it, haven’t you? That sheen the iron gives your clothes. Who uses the correct iron temperature anyway, I sure don’t. To avoid any irreparable, iron damage, turn your clothes inside out.

2. Wash less

If it’s not smelly and you didn’t sweat buckets in it, fold it / hang it back up ready for round two. No one is watching you, so why not? Yes, if you spill orange juice on it, throw it in the washing machine, but only when you get messy. To ensure you don’t shrink your clothes, wash at 30 degrees.

3. Buy garment covers

I don’t know about your wardrobe, but mine is packed to bursting point. Because of this, my delicate items are kept in garment covers.

4. Buy a shoe tree

Or stuff newspaper down your shoes which will help maintain the shape of your trainers or shoes. IKEA has a great option at an affordable price

5. Buy a dehumidifier

I have a colleague who has 50 dehumidifiers in her house and continually sleeps with the window open. She needs to move I know, but damp is no joke, and it can ruin your clothes. Wilko has a vast selection.

Click here to see their range.

6. Reduce the number of times you dry clean

Dry cleaning damages the fibres of your garment. Use it sparingly.

9. Fill your leather bags with newspaper

Or anything to retain its shape. No one wants a saggy leather bag.

10. Maintain the condition of your footwear

Buy a suede brush for your suede shoes, buying wipes to clean your soles of your trainers.

What are some of the things you do to take care of your clothes?

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