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How to Be Confident When Buying Clothes

by VanityForbes
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How confident are you when buying clothes? Do you know your blazer size? If you went to the tailor, would you be confident in telling them your inside leg length? Are you confident enough to buy online without trying any of the clothes on?  


These simple things every guy should know about their wardrobe and how it fits their body. 

If you are clueless on your body measurements, maybe you need to start thinking of becoming more of a confident shopper.


Here is my guide on how to be confident when buying clothes:



A great way of knowing your size is by taking your measurements using a tape measure. The less time-consuming method involves going through your current wardrobe and checking the size of all of your clothes. therefore you will know what average size you are for all your clothing categories.

How to Be Confident When Buying Clothes



If you haven’t utilised the skills of a tailor, you should be worried. Think of how many different sizes there are, from leg sizes to chest sizes. Retailers can’t make clothing fit perfectly for every person. To overcome this, they use a sample size. Most trousers come in a 32 leg. I am a 30 leg, so I am forced to go to the tailor and have the length shortened.


Whether you have excess fabric, or have lost weight and need the waist adjusted, seek out your closes tailor, or dry cleaner and get familiar. 

How to Be Confident When Buying Clothes


Whether you love a slim fit, or something more relaxed or like me if you want to dabble in all silhouettes, it helps to know how your size changes by fit style.

How to Be Confident When Buying Clothes



If it doesn’t fit or you are not happy with the quality don’t be afraid to return your clothes. Returns are so much more accessible online because the face to face element is removed. There are occasions where you will have to face a cashier and try and fake an excuse why you do not want the item anymore.


Bite the bullet get out of your head and march to that high street store and demand your money back.



Sometimes you spot someone on the street who is wearing something you like. Instead of trying to guess or label spot, march up to them and ask. Sure, some people might be coy about revealing their favourite brands, but you will never see them again, so their hesitation is unwarranted. In the end, you will be able to get the brand name and hopefully buy it yourself. That is if they told you the truth and not a lie to get you off their tail. 


What are some of your tips on how on being more confident when buying clothes?

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