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Men’s Puffer Scarf – Trending Now for Autumn Winter

by VanityForbes
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There comes a time during the winter season where the cold becomes to unbearable. For those moments, you will have to pull out all of the stops, to ensure you are wrapped up warm — what better way to do that than with a puffer scarf.

Imagine how warm you would be wearing a padded coat and puffer scarf? Tell the Michelin man to move over. You have arrived to take their place.

What is a puffer scarf?

A puffer scarf is an oversized quilted scarf filled with down or polyester. It is the perfect accessory to keep warm and also make a bold fashion statement during the winter months. It comes in the classic scarf silhouette.

Image Source: Reserved

And can also be found in a snood shape to keep your neck area snug and cosy.

Here are the best men’s puffer scarfs you can buy.

PANGAIA – FLWRDWN™ Headscarf – £106

RESERVED – Recycled fabric quilted scarf – £25.99

TED BAKER – Tripp padded scarf in black £49

OUTSIDER STORE – Montbell Down Muffler – £40

puffer / down scarf from Montbell

NORSE PROJECTS – Snap Quilt Scarf – £95

puffer down scarf from Norse Projects in white

RESERVED – Quilted scarf with pocket – £19.99

puffer down scarf from RESERVED in black

PANGAIA – FLWRDWN™ Scarf – £195

puffer down scarf from Pangaia in white


What do you think of the men’s padded scarf trend?

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