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How to Take Care of Your Bag, in 5 Easy Steps

by VanityForbes
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I love the excitement of a new purchase, fresh from the stockroom, without any creasing or signs of wear. I desperately look forward to the day when I can take it out in its first pursing outside. 


Wearing it the first time, I am super careful to ensure it is protected going out in the world for the first time. When I return home, I carefully place it in a safe place, awaiting the next time I can wear it. 


As the weeks go by, the laziness kicks in, and the bad habits ensue. Fast forward a year that new purchase is now old news, scuffed and neglected, stuffed in the back of my wardrobe waiting to be replaced.


Maintaining the quality of a bag through its life is the best way to have longevity. Adopting small habits that ensure that when you are wearing the bag daily and when you are storing it, the quality is preserved.


Here are my steps on how to take care of your bag.




A dust bag does what it says on the tin. Protects your bag from dust and scuffs while you are storing it within your wardrobe. 


When buying a luxury bag, your purchases come with a dust bag as standard. When purchasing on the high street, you will be lucky to get a carrier bag. My tip is to go onto amazon and buy a pack of dust bags for all your bags.



I hate when a bag starts to change shape, becoming a shadow of its former self. To avoid this change in silhouette, stuff your bag with newspaper to help maintain its original form when not being used. A tip I like to use is putting all the paper into a dust bag before stuffing the bag itself. 



A lack of wardrobe space forces you to squash your bag into areas it shouldn’t fit into, ruining the shape. My tip is to make space for your bags or utilise the top of your closet.

how to take care of your bag



The tube or train floor is dirty, grimy and no place for you to be placing a new bag. The problem, especially when wearing a backpack, is wearing it on your bag on a busy day is not helpful for passengers. What I do is use the handle and carry it at my side. 


how to take care of your bag



I have a lot to carry in my bags, from my pack lunch to my umbrella, to my three pieces of fruit, to my overnight oats and my book. Overpacking leads to the shape of your bag being distorted. Try and edit how much you carry. There are a lot of bag styles now that offer outside storage for water bottles and umbrellas, which can alleviate the need to store everything in the main section. 

how to take care of your bag

 how to take care of your bag.

What are some of your bad bag habits, and what tips do you use to overcome them?

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