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Metallic Eveningwear – Trending Now

by VanityForbes
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Pull out all the stops this party season with the metallic eveningwear trend. I know what you are thinking, metal? Slightly over the top, I get it. But when you need to be the centre of attention you have to let your fashion do the talking.

December is the month where your calendar is filled with end of year celebrations and festive parties. This is the season to upstage your friends and family in the wardrobe department and show them finally that they cannot compete with your styling chops.

With the help of metallic thread and gold reflex, you can elevate your evening look to new heights. Here is everything you need to know about the metallic eveningwear trend.


Replace the traditional pinstripe pattern with a metallic stripe to create a luxury twist to the tailoring classic. 

metallic evening wear
Image Source: Zara


Play with tailoring separates and make the blazer the trophy piece in your outfit. The jacquard weave is further enhanced with gold reflexes.

metallic evening wear
Image Source: Reiss


Go bold with a metallic shirt, let the chrome colour shine in full force. Style with black trousers and shoes to ensure the attention is focused on the hero piece. 

metallic evening wear
Image Source: Zara


Own the dance floor with a pair of metallic loafers, and your fancy footwork will be hard to notice with these metallic interpretations to the classic loafer.

metallic evening wear
Image Source: Zara


For an understated look, add a hint of sparkle with a metallic woven top. Decorated with flecks of gold, adding a festive shine to your outfit.

metallic evening wear
Image Source: COS


Continuing the understated theme by giving your tailored trousers a hint of sparkle. Style with a plain top to contrast the bold trouser style. 

Image Source: Zara


Transform your casual outerwear with an explosion of texture and shine with intricate foil detailing.

Image Source: Boohoo


An evening look doesn’t always have to involve tailoring. Go rock and roll and wear a metallic denim look. This colour treatment can take a casual fabric and give it a luxurious spin. 

Image Source: Zara

What do you think of the metallic eveningwear trend, do you see yourself wearing it during the fall party season?

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