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The Best Looking Eco-Friendly Vegan Trainers in 2022

by VanityForbes

With the pressure to make more ethical, eco-friendly fashion choices, I’m starting to re-look at my wardrobe with a new lens. One of the ethical fashion choices that I am struggling to make is switching from leather trainers to vegan alternatives. My issue with vegan leather footwear is simple. They are downright hideous to look at.

The look of a sneaker plays an essential part in the buying process, and I have no doubt that if more vegan shoe brands focused on this part of the design process, it would persuade more people to make a switch.

Luckily, there are a few brands that measure up with their design. Here are the best looking men’s vegan leather trainers you can buy.


Grape Leather Sneakers – £170

A lace-up sneaker made from grape leather sourced from the waste of the Italian winemaking industry


Vegan 481 | Cyprus – $188

Hand-crafted in Italy. The vegan Cyprus sneaker from Oliver Cabell is derived from corn and bio-based polyurethane.



Moea sneakers are derived from a cactus skin, the perfect alternative to plastic and leather sneakers.


The vision racer – £130

Made from a combination of sustainable materials such as synthetic leather and recycled polyester. 


THE ROGER Centre Court – £170

A Limited edition perforated vegan leather tennis sneaker.


Low Classic VEGAN Leather White – £129.99

Vegan and 100% recyclable, a perfect addition to your eco conscious wardrobe. 


UK-68 white vegan shoes – €129,99

Vegan and cruelty-free, the unisex UK-68 comes in 6 colours and is hand-made in Portugal. 


1981 – White Vegan Organic Canvas – £140

Proudly plastic-free, the 1981 sneaker is 100% natural. This minimal sneaker ticks all the boxes of an aesthetically pleasing minimal lace-up sneaker.


Sneak V trainers – £110

The Sneak V trainer is made from 100% vegan leather. The sustainable sneaker is detailed with a cork style tab at the back and features a unique perforated design.


Vegan Trainer – £99

Still in the crowdfunding phase, these vegan trainers for Nogen are reminiscent of Nike Airforces.  They are made with 100% vegan Leather, recycled Plastic and Cotton.

vegan leather trainers


V-10 all Black – £110

Recreating the classic v-10 sneaker in C.W.L  Leather made from corn waste making it eco-friendly. The vegan V-10 sneaker is available in multiple colours.

vegan leather trainers


Yatay Model 1B – £250

Made of recycled and bio-based material derived from non-food plant sources.



NY Sneaker – £82

Made with plants using bio-oil. The NY sneaker has fewer lace holes than usual and features a contrast gum sole.

vegan leather trainers


Boccaccio white -£329

The Boccaccio sneaker blends the world of high fashion and sustainability. Made from vegan leather, the Rombaut sneaker features a distinctive etched sole and raised upper panels. 

vegan sneakers from Rambaut


Sneaker 1 Men’s – £200

Out of all the vegan sneakers on this list, these Grenson Sneakers are by far the best-looking and well-crafted. The Sneaker 1 is made from microfibres that mimic natural cowhide, creating a worthy matchup to a calf leather alternative. 

Vegan trainers from Grenson in white


Munich Sneakers – £90

If you love the Air Force Ones, these sneakers from Will’s vegan store are the perfect alternative made with plants using bio-oil.

vegan trainers from Wills Vegan Store


574 Vegan Friendly – £75

The classic 574 sneaker is eco-friendly, thanks to the switch to synthetic materials.

vegan sneakers from New Balance

What are some of your favourite men’s vegan leather trainers?

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