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The Best Looking Eco-Friendly Vegan Trainers in 2024

by VanityForbes
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As the pressure to make more ethical and eco-friendly fashion choices mounts, I find myself scrutinizing my wardrobe with fresh eyes. However, I’m struggling to switch from leather trainers to vegan alternatives due to their unappealing appearance. The aesthetic of a sneaker is an important factor in my purchasing decision, and I believe more vegan shoe brands should prioritize design to encourage more people to make the switch. Fortunately, there are a few brands that excel in this area. Here are some of the most stylish men’s vegan leather trainers available.


Modelo ’92 Garnet – £179

The sneaker’s lining is crafted from Seaqual, a sustainable material that comprises recycled plastic from both the sea and land sources. This eco-friendly and fashionable M’92 model is vegan and innovative.


Grape Leather Sneakers – £170

A lace-up sneaker made from grape leather sourced from the waste of the Italian winemaking industry


Vegan 481 | Cyprus – $213

Hand-crafted in Italy. The vegan Cyprus sneaker from Oliver Cabell is derived from corn and bio-based polyurethane.



Moea sneakers are derived from a cactus skin, the perfect alternative to plastic and leather sneakers.


The vision racer – £130

Made from a combination of sustainable materials such as synthetic leather and recycled polyester. 


THE ROGER Centre Court – £180

A Limited edition perforated vegan leather tennis sneaker.


Low Classic VEGAN Leather White – £129.99

Vegan and 100% recyclable, a perfect addition to your eco conscious wardrobe. 


UK-68 white vegan shoes – €129,99

Vegan and cruelty-free, the unisex UK-68 comes in 6 colours and is hand-made in Portugal. 


Puraai 1.01 Vintage Shoes Vaniglia – £185

These trainers from Puraai are crafted in Italy using sustainable materials. The upper is made of bio-based faux leather and suede, complemented by recycled mesh and organic cotton reinforcements and laces. The insoles are made of bio and cork, while the outsole is made of natural rubber with a wide, textured design.


Vegan Trainer – £99

Still in the crowdfunding phase, these vegan trainers for Nogen are reminiscent of Nike Airforces.  They are made with 100% vegan Leather, recycled Plastic and Cotton.

vegan leather trainers


V-10 – £150

Recreating the classic v-10 sneaker in C.W.L  Leather made from corn waste making it eco-friendly. The vegan V-10 sneaker is available in multiple colours.

vegan leather trainers


Yatay Model 1B – £250

Made of recycled and bio-based material derived from non-food plant sources.



NY Sneaker – £82

Made with plants using bio-oil. The NY sneaker has fewer lace holes than usual and features a contrast gum sole.

vegan leather trainers


Boccaccio white -£360

The Boccaccio vegan sneaker blends the world of high fashion and sustainability. Made from vegan leather, the Rombaut sneaker features a distinctive etched sole and raised upper panels. 

vegan sneakers from Rambaut


Sneaker 1 Men’s – £195

The Sneaker 1 is made from microfibres that mimic natural cowhide, creating a worthy matchup to a calf leather alternative. 

Vegan Sneaker from Grenson Shoe linking to the Grenson website


Munich 2 Sneakers – £92

If you love the Air Force Ones, these sneakers from Will’s vegan store are the perfect alternative made with plants using bio-oil.

vegan trainers from Wills Vegan Store

So, if you want to do your bit for the environment and look stylish at the same time, why not give vegan sneakers a go? They’re made from awesome materials like Seaqual, which are both eco-friendly and fashion-forward. Plus, by choosing ethical and sustainable fashion, you’re helping to make the industry more compassionate and conscious. It’s a win-win!

Already aboard the vegan sneaker train? What are some of your favourite men’s vegan leather trainers?

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